What is a Wellness Check?

A wellness check is an important tool available to anyone that's concerned about another person. If you've ever noticed a neighbor isn't coming out to check the mail any longer, an old friend isn't coming to church any longer, or someone else has gone missing, a wellness check is designed to help with that. Sometimes you need a person to go knock on a person's home and go inside if they don't answer. The police are allowed to do that if they're asked by another person to conduct a wellness check, and there's a valid reason to be concerned about the person in question. Wellness checks are a service that police officers have to offer to the public, and they are a useful tool for many people to rely on. Many people have had their lives saved by a wellness check, so if you're feeling concerned about someone, call the police and get answers.

Wellness Check Definition?

Have you ever wondered what is a wellness check? It's a police visit to a person's home to find out if they are well or not. The police will knock on the doors, attempt to talk with someone at the home, and if they can't talk to anyone, they will go inside. This type of check is a fast way to learn if someone has committed suicide, died of natural causes, or if they've fallen and gotten injured. Many elderly people live alone and don't have the help or support they need. Use a wellness check to make sure those individuals are doing okay and that if they're in trouble, they have a way to get help.

Wellness Check Procedures

So, what does a wellness check consist of? A check begins when someone puts in a request for it complete with a reason why they are worried. The reason doesn't have to be provable, just convincing enough that it seems like a real concern.

You call the local police station and explain your concerns, those concerns are filed into a short report, and an officer is dispatched over to the home to check on the individual. The police report what they find, they inform the person that requested the check about the person's health status, and they will conduct additional investigations if the person isn't there or they are at home but either dead or injured in some way. You don't need to supply birth records or demonstrate any specific relationship using documents when asking for one of these checks. You only need to have a valid concern for the check and be willing to have it on record. If you can do that, you can get a wellness check from local law enforcement.

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How to Call for a Wellness Check?

If you believe someone is in need of help, but you aren't sure how to call for a wellness check, knowing the procedure is valuable. Fortunately, it's easier than you might think to call for a wellness check. To do so, you contact local law enforcement to where the person you want to check on lives. Talk with the police force about the person you're concerned about and provide the person's home address to get the police team to go conduct a wellness check.

You should usually call a non-emergency police line when asking for a wellness check. You should only dial 911 when you're sure there is an emergency situation that requires immediate attention. If you are worried about a loved one, you should keep the phone number for the local police station available and ready to go. That way, if you ever have a reason to suspect something bad has happened to that loved one, you can talk with the local police force and ask for a wellness check.

Wellness Check by Police

A wellness check by police is common and is used regularly to check on elderly individuals that don't have anyone at home. If you aren't sure how a neighbor is doing or you think something happened to another individual you know, having a wellness check is a good idea. As long as you have a decent reason to believe something happened to the individual, the police will be able to conduct the wellness check and get you the information you seek.

A wellness check by police is a quick process that gets you immediate answers about the individual you believe may not be doing well. The police will go to the person's home and attempt to contact them. If they can't reach that person, the police are allowed to go into the house and look for them to be sure they are okay. Some wellness checks result in learning that a person committed suicide or died by natural causes. A wellness check is a useful tool for you to have, and it's something you should try to remember you have available to you. If there is someone you care about and they disappear, consider asking for a wellness check by police to learn what happened to them. A quick check is all that's necessary to find out the person is doing okay or to learn what happened.

What Happens After a Police Wellness Check?

If you ask for a wellness check by police, you will get an answer about whether the person is doing okay or not quickly. First, the police will go to the home and attempt to talk with the individual you are having them check on. If the police can't talk to the individual, they will go into the home and look for the person.

After the check, the police will likely determine whether the person is okay or not. You'll be notified of the results of the check. If the person is deceased, you'll be asked to come to the scene for questions, and the police will determine what happened and conduct a formal investigation if one is necessary. A wellness check is a useful tool that people have to find out about people who seemingly disappear. Many people are saved by these checks because it's one of the only ways for a person to legally enter another person's home without asking for consent. By asking for a wellness check, you may be getting medical care to a person that desperately needs it. If you think something is wrong with someone you know, don't wait too long to call and request a wellness check. Public records are updated all the time based on the results of these wellness checks, and they are an essential tool available to the public to protect other people.

Learn to use wellness checks, and you can find out about the people in your life that seemingly disappear. If you're worried about an elderly person in your life or a loved one who seems suicidal, stop worrying and have the police check on them. A well-timed wellness check could be what saves the person, and it will help you find out what's happening with the person you're concerned about.