Who We Are at Records Finder

Our goal as a company is to make access to public records easy and affordable. We pride ourselves in having one of the biggest public records databases in the industry - over 2 billion records and growing. Indexing these public and private records and combining them with information that is available on the Web creates the most comprehensive reports you can find on the Internet.

With dozens of different searches ranging from basic people searches to in-depth criminal records checks and background information, RecordsFinder.com has helped millions of consumers find the information they are looking for with the click of a button.

We do more than simply provide online public data. We enable each of our customers to have access to the highest quality information and public records databases in an easy-to-use, cost effective format. All of this is delivered right to their computer screen in the comfort of their own home. Our commitment to providing reliable data is surpassed only by our desire to provide impeccable customer service.