How to Find Someone’s Social Media Profiles by Email Address for Free?

How to Find Someone’s Social Media Profiles

It’s possible to be many different people these days: the one your neighbors see, the one your family sees, the one your coworkers see, and the one you are on the internet. Making sense of all of those different personas is not easy, because our lives are segmented and our interests or political viewpoints can be shockingly different from what we seem to be.

How to Find Someone’s Social Media Accounts using Email?

There are many email lookup tools available, but making the connection between the results and a person’s social media accounts can be a leap into the unknown. Also, these third-party search engines may get permission to delve into your personal data if you sign up to see the results they return.

Some places to search include:

  • directly on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Tumblr, Snapchat, Reddit, and Facebook;
  • dating and hook-up apps like Tinder, Grindr, and Hinge;
  • other subscription-based platforms like YouTube or, and
  • professional profiles such as LinkedIn.

Consider too that many hook-up apps may not require an email address for access, and all conversations with others may be chats that take place within the app (therefore the most likely way to find a person through these apps would be to pose as a potential match). There are many ways to hide these apps on a phone as well.

Reasons to Look Up Social Media Profiles

Reasons to Look Up Social Media Profiles

There are many reasons why someone would want to understand another person’s complete identity, to have a grasp of another individual’s many sides. It may be important to know what a significant other is like at work, or on weekends, when you’re not together, so there are no unpleasant surprises in the future. Social media posts have increasingly become the way that most people express themselves authentically. The most authentic of the social media accounts may be those that are the most difficult to unearth, the ones that aren’t directly linked to a publicly-known email address.

Some search engines will provide only the person’s name when their email is queried, but using the email lookup on provides a more complete picture of the individual’s life, including potential family members, home address, workplace, education, and potentially, any news events related to persons with the same name. Its results can include phone numbers and IP addresses, allowing the person to search to cross-check the information. Using this more complete menu of information one may also look into the social media profiles of others who are close in order to learn about those surrounding the individual.

Social media profiles divulge significant information, such as:

  • location;
  • how the individual spends their free time;
  • political views;
  • who they associate with, and
  • whether they are who they claim to be.

How to Find Hidden Social Media Profiles?

These are difficult to find, and for good reason: the person who created this social media profile doesn’t want it to be linked to their real identity. However, there are some ways to unearth such a profile.

  • Google Image Search - Download photos from the person’s known social media profile and run some of the images through a reverse image search. It’s possible that the person would reuse some photos or memes across both profiles, so they may turn up a hidden profile.
  • Using the person’s Twitter user name, go to Google and search“” OR “” OR “”) which may turn up alternative email addresses.
  • Consider nicknames, using initals, and other aliases as potential user names and search those to find hidden accounts.
  • Try searching with old email addresses that the individual may have mothballed for a while
  • Use an email permutator, which is a computer-generated batch of potential email addresses based on the individual’s name. This method returns dozens of possible combinations of email addresses but that leaves you with many searches to run on each social media platform.
  • If you have access to the person’s account, look at the advertisements surrounding their social media profile. These ads could provide a significant clue to the kind of material the individual is accessing online. From here you may search for related groups.
  • Look at the organizations or interest groups listed in the person’s known social media profile, then search those groups for images that may include your person of interest under a different name.
  • Look at group emails to see if there are email addresses (exchanged among friends) that you don’t recognize, then try plugging them into search engines to determine who they belong to. You may be surprised.
  • Add some creativity to the mix of potential email addresses – consider whether the individual would include a word or number in the email address that is derived from their hobbies or fantasies (like a car brand or make, the jersey number of a favorite football player, a team name).

Conclusion: Social Media Account Search

How to Find Hidden Social Media Profiles?

If you’re seriously intent upon discovering a person’s hidden social media accounts, there are many tools available that will aid the search, but what’s really needed is diligence and persistence. It will take significant time if the email is completely different from the person’s public email and is conscientiously concealed. One must be careful not to overstep, however, as getting access to another person’s devices can be illegal, and it’s important to stop well short of stalking, which is illegal in most states. Consider whether the end result is worth the time invested; if one is investigating a crime, certainly, but if one ventures blindly into certain corners of the web they may unknowingly open themselves to hacking.