The 5 Steps You Should Know When Adopting a Child 

Deciding to adopt a child is a significant lifestyle choice. It's a decision that will change your life forever and that can bring more value and love to your life than you may expect. We won't cover how to decide you want to adopt, but if you do we will cover how do you adopt a child. Learn the steps involved in this process so you can become a parent to a new child and improve both of your lives in the process.

Learning how to adopt a child probably seems overwhelming, but it doesn't have to. Follow along with the five steps below to go from deciding you want to adopt to finalizing the paperwork and legally adopting a child or an adult. If you're willing to take your time and follow the steps, you can be successful. Start the process by finding experienced professionals to guide you through the remaining steps and you'll feel more confident and have better results.

Step 1. Choose an Adoption Agency or Attorney

The first step when adopting a child is to identify an adoption agency or an attorney you wish to work with. If you don't yet have a child in mind you would like to adopt, it's best to work with an agency. Different agencies specialize in different types of children. Government agencies generally only adopt children out of foster care, while other private agencies deal with specific types of children in different situations. Contact local agencies in your area, explain your situation and why you're interested in adoption. Get to know different agencies until you find an option that meets your needs effectively so you can have the adoption experience you're looking for. It's essential to determine whether an agency will handle all your legal requirements, or if you'll need to hire your own attorney. Determine this information in the beginning so you can plan accordingly and get the legal help you need from the beginning.

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Step 2. Choose an Adoption Type

Many people wonder, how does adoption work, and how is it different for everyone? There are many types of adoption, including private, public or welfare, international, relative, and adult adoption. Each option works in a different way and leaves you with different results. While any adoption leads to you adding another person to your family, the age, location, and type of person you add depends on the type of adoption you use. If you want to help children in need, often welfare system or international adoption are two of the most effective ways for you to do so. If children in your family lose their parents for any reason a relative option may be the best option for you.

No matter what sort of adoption you seek, you'll likely have to go through a birth records search, and many other legal and research-based steps to achieve your adoption goals effectively. You may have to consult your attorney to get through this process, and you should always work with experts to ensure your adoption is legal and effective for you.

Step 3. Complete a Home Study

For families hoping to adopt a child one of the most important steps to go through is the home study. Once you've gone through the necessary classes the agency will begin evaluating your home, your family, and your lifestyle to determine if your living situation is good enough to support children and to give them a healthy and loving life. The process can take between three and six months and involves background checks, home visits, employment and education verification, interviews, and more to ensure your family is ready to adopt. Home studies can be worrisome, but the experts performing them are searching for ways to make adoption possible rather than reasons to rule it out. They want to make the adoption work and will help you achieve your goal as much as they can. Many home studies include an in-depth property search, to get to know where the family is living and what sort of home it is.

Step 4. Provide Unconditional Love and Care

Once you're approved for adopting a kid, it's time for you to give them the love and care they need. Do your best to provide a comfortable and loving home for your new child, and strive to be the best parent you can be. Adopting a child is a life-changing experience for you and the child, make it a good one for both of you.

For many families, adoption is a way for them to be the parents they've always wanted, and for others, it's a way to give back and care for children who need it. Show the child that you care, work hard to give them a good life, and your adoption experience will be good.

Step 5. Finalization and Legal Process

The process of adopting a child is completed with all the legal paperwork and perhaps a legal hearing. Talk with your agency about all the steps you must go through because it varies based on the state and the adoption process you've chosen. If the agency handles all the legal requirements, they will tell you exactly what to do. You must hire a seasoned adoption attorney if you are expected to handle the paperwork and legal requirements yourself. Follow your attorney's instructions closely and complete all the required paperwork as soon as possible to finalize your adoption.

Adoption is a huge step, but it can be rewarding for you and your new child. Get professional help to guide you through each of the five steps listed above, and you'll make it through the process successfully. Adoption takes time, and you must be patient to succeed, so go into the process with realistic expectations and know that things will work out in the end with enough effort, preparation, and good legal help.