What You Should Know For Border Crossing

The aim of officials at US – Canada border and ports of entry is to facilitate the entry of visitors into Canada and US when possible. Border inspection ensures the persons who are inadmissible to Canada and US, those that seek to contravene laws, are prevented from entering.

With this in mind, all persons seeking to come into US or Canada must undergo “an examination,” a procedure by which an immigration officer determines whether a person seeking to cross into US or Canada may be allowed to do so. They will speak to you about your visit. It will usually be a quick interview. Examinations are conducted in a courteous and efficient manner, and information provided by the traveler remains confidential. The traveler has the obligation of establishing his or her admissibility to Canada or US.

US – Canada border Inspection Process

  • What they know about you
  • Secondary Inspection
  • Rules for border crossing
  • Personal Information Act Requests
  • U.S. Freedom of Information Act Requests
  • Canadian Privacy Act Requests

Documents Needed For Border Crossing by Air, Land and on Water

  • Documents needed to cross US – Canada border for
    • American citizens
    • Canadian citizens
    • Lawful permanent residents of both countries
    • Canadian-American Dual Citizens
  • Documents needed when travelling with children and disabilities
  • For people with criminal records

Beginning January 23, 2007, All persons, including U.S. Citizens, travelling by air between the United States and Canada (including in transit passengers who are transferring planes in the U.S.) will be required to present a valid passport or Air NEXUS card or return to the U.S.A.

Travelling with children (from Canada to US & US to Canada)

  • Required documentation for children under age 16
  • Travelling without parents/with legal guardian
  • Travelling with a child without spouse
    • Additional documents
    • Consent letter
  • Travelling with a group

US and Canada Criminal Inadmissibility Rules

Whether you are planning to visit, work, study or immigrate: if you have committed or have been convicted of a criminal offence, including driving while impaired, you may be prohibited from entering Canada or US.

  • Criminal records that make you inadmissible to Canada
  • Criminal records that make you inadmissible to US
  • US and Canadian crime equivalents
  • Pardon & Expungements
  • Resolving criminal inadmissibility
  • Crossing the Canadian border with DUI.

Crossing The Border with a Rented or Borrowed Car

  • Information and rules for crossing US – Canada border on a rented car for US and Canada citizens
  • What Canadians should know when driving a rented car for less than 48 hours US stay
  • Driving a borrowed vehicle from US and Canada
  • Permission letter for border crossing

Border Crossing Passes

  • What is Ready Lane?
  • Trusted travel programs
    • Nexus Cards
    • Global entry
    • Fast
    • SENTRI

Restricted and Prohibited items

  • Restricted items when crossing US-Canada border
  • What should you declare when entering Canada, US or re-entering the country of origin
    • Currency reporting
    • Medicine
    • Information for shipping items
    • Jewelry and Valuables (pre-trip registration in US Canada border)


  • US citizens entering Canada (Alcohol, tobacoo, parfume,etc.)
  • US citizen returning to US (less than 48 hours, more than 48 hours)
  • Canadians entering the US
  • Canadian returning to Canada
  • Information about NAFTA products

Firearms Info

  • Rules for transporting firearms
  • Gun laws in US and Canada
  • Personal requirements
  • Types of weapons
  • Restricted & non restricted firearms
  • Prohibited firearms
  • Hunting & Fishing

Travelling with Pets

  • Pet’s Health certificate
  • Pet’s food
  • Service dog border crossing rules for US and Canada
  • Info about birds in the border
  • Exotic (unusual) pets

Hunting and Fishing (Both Ways for Both Citizens)

  • Required documents
  • Age restrictions
  • Outdoor card
  • Hunting and fishing license and tags, types
  • Fees

Border Crossing for People with Disabilities

  • Required documentation (medical records)
  • How to plan the trip for disabilities?
  • Secondary inspections

Importing Vehicles

  • What documents are required?
  • US and Canada standards & environmental policies
  • Importing a vehicle from Canada to US
  • Duties and Taxes

Other Important Things to Know

  • Tolls – Information (rates, E-ZPass, Toll available bridges)
  • Speed limitation- US and Canada
  • Currency exchange rate
  • Duty Free shops