Point Roberts – Boundary Bay Border Crossing

Point Roberts - Boundary Bay

Point Roberts - Boundary Bay

Point Roberts, Washington is a geopolitical oddity – a small piece of land separated from its country by a body of water and an international border. The town is a pene-exclave of the US – a territory that can only be reached via land by passing through Canada. It sits right on the southern tip of the Tsawwassen Peninsula. While it is a physical part of the province of British Columbia, the 49th parallel passes right through this section of land, making it a property of the United States.


Hours of Operations & Wait Times in Point Roberts Boundary Bay

Passenger vehicles can travel through the Point Roberts – Boundary Bay border crossing 24/7. Commercial vehicles are limited to weekdays only, from 8 am to 5 pm, except for holidays. This port of entry also has several NEXUS lanes. Going into Canada, the lanes are open daily from 7 am to 7 pm. The hours of operation are extended to 10 pm from May 16th to September 7th. Going into the United States, the NEXUS lanes are open daily from 9 am to 7 pm. If you want to know the wait times for crossing this border, you can check with the Canada Border Services Agency or the US Customs and Border Protection.


Weather, Traffic & Road Conditions

There are only three lanes for passenger vehicles and one lane for commercial vehicles. While Point Roberts is a small town, a lot of traffic does occur at certain hours and during peak seasons. In fact, it is one of the busiest border crossings in the state of Washington. Children above third grade cross the border daily to attend school in Bellingham, Washington. Canadians cross the border into Point Roberts to enjoy the lower prices (no 12% value added tax) and to pick up packages in order to avoid the expensive Canadian shipping surcharges. During holidays and summertime, many Canadians head to their vacation homes within the town which also causes surges in traffic.

Current Traffic @ Point Roberts

While there are no border cams along this crossing, you can check real-time traffic conditions in Tsawwassen, particularly along 56th Street, here. You should also look up the weather conditions in Point Roberts and Tsawwassen before you head out.


Contact & Directions for Your Trip

If you wish to learn more about crossing this border, you can get in touch with the Customs or Immigration offices of either the US or Canada. Please view the information for the specific contact information.

Find Directions to the Border Crossing on the Map

How to Get to the Border?
The US border is on Tyee Drive in Point Roberts. The Canadian border, on the other hand, is located along 56th Street in Delta, British Columbia.

Address & Phone Numbers

  • U.S.: 50 Tyee Dr, Point Roberts, WA 98281
  • US Customs: 1(360) 945-2314
  • Canada: 4 56th Street, Delta BC V4L 1Z2
  • Canadian Customs: 1(604) 943-2722

Things to Know About the Point Roberts – Boundary Bay Border Crossing:

  • To enter Point Roberts, you’ll need a valid passport, a NEXUS card, or an Enhanced Driver’s License. Driver’s Licenses. Birth certificates as well as regular Driver’s Licenses will no longer be accepted.
  • To enter Canada, all you’ll need is proof of citizenship and proof of identity. A valid US passport or a NEXUS card will enable you to easily cross the border. For those who have no passport or a NEXUS card, you can use a government-issued photo ID along with a document that states your citizenship. Please note that while these documents are enough to get you into Canada, they cannot guarantee entry into the US. Check full documentation guide here
  • You can also reach Point Roberts by air through its small airport, the Point Roberts Airpark, and a huge marina called the Point Roberts Marina Resort. These two access points allow entry into the town straight from Washington, without having to go through Canada.
  • The small town has a clinic, the Aydon Wellness Clinic, for non-emergencies. For medical emergencies, however, you will need to go to the nearest US hospital which is in Bellingham, Washington. Canadian hospitals are closer, but you should know that most American health insurance companies do not pay for treatment from those providers.
  • Point Roberts also has no veterinarian, dentist, and pharmacy.
  • To learn more about Point Roberts, from activities and lodging to emergency contacts, just visit their website here.

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