Washington to British Columbia

The state of Washington shares 13 land ports of entry with British Columbia, Canada. Four of these border crossings make up the Cascade Gateway – Peace Arch-Douglas, Sumas-Abbotsford, Lynden-Aldergrove, and Pacific Highway – which carries most of the traffic between Washington and Canada.

79% of cars, 87% of trucks, 96% of buses, and 86% of trains that cross the border between Washington and Canada pass through the Cascade Gateway.

Border Policy Research Institute

The Peace Arch border crossing is the busiest land port of entry with an average of 8,300 cars passing through it each day.

70% to 80 % of the traffic that crosses the Cascade Gateway are Canadians which results in border delays into the US during the mornings and into Canada during the afternoons.

During summer, the volume of traffic at the Cascade Gateway increases 50%. Holidays and weekends also tend to have a higher volume of traffic. Travelers may experience over 2 hours wait times during peak times. If you wish to check for updates on the traffic conditions along the border between British Columbia and Washington, you can visit BC’s Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure website or Washington’s Department of Transportation website.

When crossing the border into Washington, travelers will need to keep in mind that the CBP upholds federal laws, not state ones. Such as in the case of recreational marijuana use. Washington is one of four US states that allow this, and there’s even a store just 1 kilometer from the Peace Arch border crossing that Canadians can visit. However, under federal law, marijuana is considered an illegal drug in both the US and Canada. Also, while you can buy marijuana for recreational purposes in Washington, you cannot consume it in public or transport it out of the state.

If a customs official learns that you intend to buy, have bought, or consumed marijuana, you may be denied entry into the US indefinitely.

If you wish to learn more about the different border crossings in Washington state, please click on the links below. Each page has detailed information regarding a port of entry including contact details, directions, border wait times, and traffic conditions. The border crossings are listed from West to East.