Estcourt Station – Pohenegamook Border Crossing

Estcourt Station Pohenegamook border crossing 

Estcourt Station Pohenegamook border crossing

The Estcourt Station – Pohénégamook Border Crossing is actually located in the middle of a village that was divided by the boundary line set by the Webster-Ashburton Treaty. The US CBP station is located at the south end of the village while the Canadian border station is at the center. Most of the village’s municipal services such as drinking water and electricity come from Quebec. Even the address is As of 2016, there are no longer any people living in the village full time. The US residents typically only visit during the summer. This may be due to the border stations’ limited hours of operation. The village is also cut off from the rest of Maine by miles of woods and private logging roads. US citizens who wish to visit this port of entry will need to cross the border at Fort Kent, travel through Canada to reach Pohenegamook, Quebec, and then cross the border back into the US at Estcourt Station. The entire trip would probably take an hour and a half.


Hours of Operations & Wait Times in Estcourt Station Pohenegamook

The US port of entry is only open on Saturdays from 8 am to 4 pm. The Canadian border station, on the other hand, is open on weekdays from 9 am to 5 pm.

The Estcourt – Pohenegamook border crossing is a very remote port of entry that is rarely used by passenger vehicles. Most of the traffic is made up of logging trucks from Maine heading to saw mills in Quebec. If you want to check border wait times for this port of entry, you can download the CBP Border Wait Times app (Google Play or iTunes) or the CanBorder app.


Weather, Traffic & Road Conditions

Traffic is mostly non-existent at this remote port of entry. Most of the vehicles are commercial logging trucks carrying materials to Quebec. If you want to get traffic updates in Maine, you can call the state’s travel information service – dial 511 for calls within the state and 866-282-7578 for calls from outside Maine. Travelers can also get weather-related traffic and road conditions by visiting Maine’s interactive map. New Brunswick and Quebec also offer a travel information hotline – 511 – that you can call for traffic and weather updates as you pass through each Canadian province.


Contact & Directions for Your Trip

To learn all about this very remote and unusual port of entry, you can get in touch with the customs officials that man the stations at the Estcourt Station / Pohenegamook border crossing. You can also drive there by following the directions and the map provided below.

Find Directions to the Border Crossing on the Map

How to Get to the Border?
To get to where the border crossing is located, travelers will have to head first to Pohenegamook, Quebec. Take the Clair – Fort Kent Bridge in Fort Kent, Maine to cross from the US to New Brunswick. Follow the New Brunswick Route 161 then take NB 120 until you cross into Quebec, where the highway becomes QC 289. Head north until you get to Rue de la Frontiere where the Canadian border station is located. Drive south on that road until they see the US border station.

Address & Phone Numbers

  • U.S.: Frontier Road, Estcourt Station, ME 04770
  • US Customs: (418) 859-2501
  • Canada: 1187 Rue de la Frontiere, Pohénégamook, Quebec G0L 1J0
  • Canadian Customs: 800-461-9999 (inside Canada) / 204-983-3500 (outside Canada)

Things to Know About the Estcourt Station – Pohenegamook Border Crossing:

  • The US-Canada border that divides Estcourt Station from Pohenegamook, Quebec is an invisible line that visitors can mistakenly cross and get arrested for not reporting to the customs office right away. It had already happened before in 2003.
  • The only reason Canadians use the Estcourt Station ME border crossing is to buy gas from the Gulf Gas station that is located on the other side of the border.
  • The houses in Estcourt Station all have Quebec area codes.
  • At this border crossing is a small park, Parc de la Frontière, which requires Estcourt Station residents to formally cross the border in order for them to visit.
  • Travelers who wish to visit this rural and remote border crossing can stay overnight at the Pohénégamook Santé Plein Air 2.0, a holiday resort.

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