There are only two border crossings along the 45 miles that Idaho shares with British Columbia, Canada. One is at Eastport which is open 24/7 including holidays. The other is at Porthill which is only open from 7 am to 11 pm Pacific Time. The Porthill port of entry is mostly used by passenger vehicles and has a higher volume of traffic compared to the Eastport border crossing, which is used more by commercial vehicles.

Some travel tips for those crossing the border between Idaho and British Columbia:

  • British Columbia has some restrictions on fresh fruits and vegetables from Idaho. Check the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) Automated Import Reference System (AIRS) to find out the exact import requirements before you go on your trip.
  • Hunting in British Columbia requires a hunting license and a species license. For hunting big game, you will also need to be accompanied by a registered guide outfitter with an Accompany to Hunt permit.
  • Hunting in Idaho will require a hunting license and, depending on the species an individual is planning to hunt, a permit or tag. To get a hunting license, an individual will also need a Hunting Education Certificate.
  • Fishing in Idaho requires a license for non-residents 14 years or older. Special fishing permits are required to catch salmon and steelhead.
  • You can get travel information such as traffic conditions in Idaho by dialing 511.
  • You can get driving conditions in British Columbia by calling 1-800-550-4997. For weather conditions in British Columbia, you can call 1-604-664-9010.

If you want to learn more about crossing the border between Idaho and British Columbia, you can click on the links below. Each page will have detailed information on the border crossings such as contact details, directions, traffic conditions, and border wait times.