Fort Kent – Clair Border Crossing

Fort Kent Clair border crossing 

Fort Kent Clair border crossing

The Fort Kent – Clair border crossing is an international bridge that links the town of Clair, New Brunswick and Fort Kent, Maine. The crossing was first opened in 1905, but the bridge was only built in 1930. Before that, travelers crossed the border using a cable ferry and a footbridge.

In 2014, the old bridge was replaced to accommodate the 1,900 vehicles that pass through each day. The bridge is the northern terminus of US Route 1, a two-lane highway that goes all the way south to Florida.


Hours of Operations & Wait Times in Fort Kent Clair

The US port of entry is open on weekdays from 9 am to 5 pm except for holidays. The Canadian border station, on the other hand, is open 24/7 to passenger vehicles and on weekdays from 8 am until 4 pm to commercial vehicles except on holidays.

Get updates on border wait times for the Fort Kent ME border crossing through the CanBorder app or the CBP Border Wait Times app on Google Play or iTunes.


Weather, Traffic & Road Conditions

Around 2,000 vehicles pass through the Fort Kent International Bridge daily. Expect traffic to get a bit heavy during peak hours. If you want to get updates on traffic and weather conditions in Fort Kent and the surrounding area, you can get in touch with the travel information service hotline by calling 511 or 866-282-7578. You can also follow @MaineDOT to get weather-related traffic and road construction reports. New Brunswick also participates in the North American initiative of providing travel information through 511 hotline.


Contact & Directions for Your Trip

To find out more about the Fort Kent – Clair border crossing, travelers can reach out to the border officials at this location by calling the numbers listed below. To use this port of entry, you can follow the directions and the map posted below.

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How to Get to the Border?
To get to the Fort Kent International Bridge from the US, take the Maine State Route 161 or US Route 1 to Fort Kent. To get to the bridge from Canada, take the NB 161 or NB 205 to reach Clair.

Address & Phone Numbers

  • U.S.: 401 West Main Street, Fort Kent, Maine 04743
  • US Customs: (207) 834-5255
  • Canada: 790 Principale Street, Clair NB E7A 2H6
  • Canadian Customs: (506) 992-2124

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