Warroad – Sprague Border Crossing

Warroad border crossing 

Warroad border crossing

The Warroad – Sprague border crossing is one of the busiest ports of entry in Minnesota, carrying a lot of truck traffic. This crossing connects the communities of Warroad, Minnesota and Sprague, Manitoba. It also the port typically used by travelers when heading to the Northwest Angle. The Warroad border station is the one that travelers will be communicating with at Jim’s Corner when they let customs officials know that they will be entering the US at the Northwest Angle border crossing.


Hours of Operations & Wait Times in Warroad Sprague

The US port of entry is open to all vehicles 24/7. Passenger vehicles can also pass through the Canadian port of entry 24/7. Commercial vehicles, however, are only allowed entry into Canada on weekdays, from 8 am to 5 pm.

Travelers who want to find out the current wait times at the Warroad – Sprague border crossing can download the CBP Border Wait Times app on Google Play or iTunes or the CanBorder app.


Weather, Traffic & Road Conditions

The state of Minnesota provides travel alerts on their online interactive map and through recorded messages that travelers can access via the 511 hotline. Manitoba offers similar services to travelers; an online interactive map and the 511 travel information service hotline provides the public with updates on traffic and road conditions in the province.


Contact & Directions for Your Trip

To get more information about the Warroad – Sprague border crossing, travelers can get in touch with the US or Canadian customs officials at this location by calling the numbers listed below. The map and the directions below can be used as a guide to reach this port of entry.

Find Directions to the Border Crossing on the Map

How to Get to the Border?
From the US, take the State Highway 11 until you reach Warroad, Minnesota. Continue north on State Highway 313 until you reach the US-Canada border. From Canada, head south on Manitoba Provincial Road 308 until you reach Sprague where it branches to Highway 12. Continue past Middlebro until you reach the US-Canada border.

Address & Phone Numbers

  • U.S.: 41059 State Hwy 313, Warroad, MN 56763-9411
  • US Customs: (218) 386-2796
  • Canada: Highway 12, Sprague, MB R0A 1Z0, Canada
  • Canadian Customs: +1 800-461-9999

Things to Know About the Warroad – Sprague Border Crossing:

  • Warroad is Minnesota’s original HockeyTown USA. Visitors can catch a game at any time during the year or join training camps and tournaments.
  • There’s only one Duty Free shop at this crossing – Kitt’s Duty Free – located on the Canadian side of the border.
  • Travelers can visit the Sprague and District Historical Museum where a monument commemorating the locals who served Canada during WWI, WWII, and other foreign wars.
  • The Warroad border station processes applications for Global Entry and NEXUS cards.
  • The town of Sprague is named after an Englishman, Dan Sprague, who founded a lumber company in the area around 1885. Several years later, a railway was built in the area which helped increase the town’s economy by connecting it to Winnipeg, Thunder Bay, Fort Frances, and Rainy River.
  • Warroad got its name from being located along a route that one Indian tribe used to invade their enemy’s territory. Travelers can learn more about the area’s history by visiting the Warroad Heritage Center and Museum.
  • Fishing enthusiasts can enjoy open water fishing at Lake of the Woods when they visit Warroad, Minnesota.

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