Orient – Fosterville Border Crossing

Orient – Fosterville border crossing 

Orient – Fosterville border crossing

The Orient – Fosterville border crossing is a small port of entry that connects the towns of Orient, Maine and Fosterville, New Brunswick. Originally, there used to be a bridge that crossed the St. Croix River at this location, considered to be the shortest international bridge on the US-Canada border. Similar to other remote US border stations in Maine, the Orient customs facility built in 1936 is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.


Hours of Operations & Wait Times in Orient Fosterville

The US port of entry observes seasonal hours. From December 1 to May 14, the port is open daily from 7 am to 5 pm (EST). From May 15 to November 30, the US border station is open daily from 7 am to 11 pm (EST). The Canadian border station also observes seasonal hours for passenger vehicles. From May 15 to November 30, it is open daily from 8 am to 12 midnight. From December 1 to May 14, it is open Sunday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm and on Saturday from 8 am to 12 midnight. The Canadian port’s commercial services, on the other hand, is only open on weekdays from 9 am to 5 pm, except on holidays.

Compared to the Forest City ME border crossing, this port of entry is more popular to the locals since it is nearer to Houlton where they can do some shopping or stocking up supplies. Travelers can access current border wait times by using the CBP Border Wait Times app (Google Play or iTunes) or the CanBorder app.


Weather, Traffic & Road Conditions

Traffic in this area is typically light, mostly passenger vehicles driven by locals. Travelers visiting the state of Maine can get traffic updates and other related information by calling the 511 hotline (866-282-7578 for calls outside Maine). The Twitter account @MaineDOT also posts traffic and road conditions reports on their feed. Similarly, visitors to New Brunswick can also get the same information by calling 511 or 800-561-4063 (for calls outside the NB province).


Contact & Directions for Your Trip

To get more information about this small port of entry, you may contact the customs officials at this location by calling the numbers listed below. To reach the Orient ME border crossing, just follow the map and the directions provided below.

Find Directions to the Border Crossing on the Map

How to Get to the Border?
From the US, take US Route 1 to Orient, Maine. From there, continue east on Boundary Road until you reach the US-Canada border. From New Brunswick, take NB Route 122 until you reach the Canadian border station.

Address & Phone Numbers

  • U.S.: 632 Boundary Road, Orient, ME 04741
  • US Customs: (207) 448-2427
  • Canada: 4575 Route 122, Fosterville NB E6H 2B6
  • Canadian Customs: (506) 894-2281

Things to Know About Orient – Fosterville Border Crossing:

  • Fosterville, New Brunswick is a popular summer destination for residents of Maine and the surrounding areas in New Brunswick; many of these individuals own cottages in the rural town.
  • Orient, Maine is surrounded by forests and lakes (East Grand Lake, North Lake, Deering Lake, and Longley Lake) that make it the perfect hunting and fishing grounds. Inquiries regarding purchasing licenses for these activities can be directed to the town clerk at (207) 448-7729.

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