Ambrose – Torquay Border Crossing

Ambrose Torquay border crossing 

Ambrose Torquay border crossing

The Ambrose – Torquay border crossing is the third least used port of entry along the entire US-Canada boundary. It is mostly used by personal vehicles – locals and vacationers. Commercial vehicles are allowed to pass through this port though they rarely do so.


Hours of Operations & Wait Times in Ambrose Torquay

The US Customs Office is open from 9 am to 5 pm daily for both passenger and commercial vehicles year-round. The Canadian Customs Office, however, has seasonal office hours. From the second Sunday in March to the first Saturday in November, the hours of operation is from 8 am to 4 pm. For the rest of the year, the office is open from 9 am to 5 pm. Passenger vehicles can enter Canada through this port any day of the week. Commercial vehicles, on the other hand, are limited to weekdays except for holidays.

Since vehicles rarely use this port, delays do not frequently occur, if ever. Because of this, border officials from both countries rarely post wait times for this border crossing. You can get updates on wait times from the various points of entry into Canada by getting the CanBorder app for your Apple, Android, or Blackberry device. You can also download the CBP Border Wait Times app on Google Play or iTunes.


Weather, Traffic & Road Conditions

To get real-time traffic updates, weather information, and road conditions in North Dakota, you can call the 511 hotline. If you’re calling from out of state, please dial 1-866-696-3511. You can also view traffic information through the North Dakota Travel Information Map. To get traffic and weather information in Saskatchewan, you can check the Highway Hotline map or call 1-888-335-7623 (toll-free in Canada) to receive recorded messages about the traffic and road conditions of their highways.


Contact & Directions for Your Trip

If you wish to learn more about passing through the Ambrose-Torquay border crossing, you can reach out to the officials in the US or Canadian Customs Office using the information below. You can also drive to their office using the map and directions we’ve posted below.

Find Directions to the Border Crossing on the Map

How to Get to the Border?
Head north on ND Highway 42 to get to the US port of entry. The Canadian port of entry is on Highway 350 which starts along Highway 18 near Torquay.

Address & Phone Numbers

  • U.S.:10935 State Hwy 42, Ambrose, ND 58833-9405
  • US Customs: 1 (701) 982-3211
  • Canada:Highway 350, Torquay, Saskatchewan S0C 2L0
  • Canadian Customs: 1 (306) 923-2044

Things to Know About the Ambrose -Torquay Border Crossing

  • Ambrose, North Dakota is a city with a population of 27 (2010 Census), just 3 miles from the border crossing. If you’re a fan of ghost towns, there’s plenty of old, abandoned buildings to explore.
  • One of the largest cities near the Ambrose – Torquay border crossing is Estevan, Saskatchewan which is just 25 miles away. Plenty of recreational activities, from picnics and tours to motorsports and fishing, for visitors to enjoy.

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