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What is Included in Kansas Public Court Records

Criminal Court Cases

Assault & Battery, Domestic Violence, Parole Violation, Probation Violation, Sexual Assault, Robbery, Manslaughter, Murder, Drug Offenses, And More...

Civil Court Cases

Bankruptcies, Legal Judgments, Lawsuits, Tax & Property Liens, Contract Disputes, Probates, Family Law, Small Claims, Evictions, And More...

Traffic Court Cases

Driving Under Influence, Driving While Intoxicated, Speeding Tickets, Traffic Citations, Reckless Driving, Driving Without a License, License Suspensions, Criminal Driving Violations, Accidents, And More...

Kansas Court Record Lookup

Obtaining Kansas KS court records is a matter of finding the right court. These Kansas court records online are public and therefore available to anyone who runs a Kansas court records search, except those involving juvenile cases or that identify victims of certain crimes.

Limited Jurisdiction

Municipal courts are located throughout the state. These Kansas courthouses have limited jurisdiction over violations of local ordinances and hold trials without juries.

There is one tax court in Kansas, located within the Executive Branch of state government. This court has narrow jurisdiction over disputes regarding state and local taxes.

Trial Courts

Trial courts of general jurisdiction are the district courts located in each of Kansas’ 105 counties. These courts are arranged into 31 districts and have jurisdiction over family, juvenile, small claims, probate, and other matters.

Anyone can perform a Kansas court record lookup, but access to some records is restricted due to the ages of individuals named (such as juvenile cases) or details of victims of certain crimes. You can also use Recordsfinder.com's Kansas criminal record search tool to find out more information.

In a recent year, Iowa district courts received over 188,000 new civil matters, such as Kansas child support and custody order, and criminal cases and disposed of almost as many. Another 163,000 traffic cases, 14,000 juvenile, and 9,000 probate cases were filed.

Appeals Courts

Cases from trial courts that are disputed may be appealed to the state’s interim court of appeals, these can be viewed via Kansas court case lookup. This court is comprised of 14 justices that sit in panels of three in three locations around the state.

At the top of the Kansas judiciary is the state supreme court, which has jurisdiction over all lower court cases as well as automatic appeals of death row cases. It has authority over the state  bar. This court may also review decisions of state administrative agencies.

Federal Courts

Bankruptcies, class action suits, and violations of federal law are handled by the U.S. District Court with jurisdiction in Kansas.

Kansas Notable Court Cases

A case against former Kansas state attorney general Philip Kline resulted in his disbarment by the state Supreme Court. The court found that Kline violated codes of conduct when allowed access to medical records of patients of an abortion clinic. Kline was allegedly investigating an abortion doctor, whom he accused of shielding pedophiles by not releasing information on pregnancies of underage girls. Kline's handling of the patients' medical records, including attaching them to public documents, was one of several misconduct allegations. A grand jury forewoman in the case against the abortion doctor also alleged that Kline mislead judges and jurors in the case. Kline's case against the abortion doctor was later dropped by prosecutors.

Parents and teachers waited in nervous anticipation as the state Supreme Court threatened to shut down public schools over a fight with legislators over the constitutionality of school funding mechanisms. The court had ruled that the state's funding mechanism for schools unfairly punished low-income districts by forcing them to levy higher taxes to fund schools. A frenzied period of negotiations resulted in legislators reinstating an old funding formula for one portion of the budget, which the court approved. Still, the court seeks to equalize funding for poor districts and wants the legislature to channel additional tax revenue to those schools, an aspect of the case that is still pending in mid-2016.

Kansas Civil Case Statistics

Civil Caseload
Civil Caseload 141,983
Caseloads per 100.000 Population
Caseloads per 100.000 Population 4,884
Clearance Rate
Clearance Rate 90%
Small Claims Caseload
Small Claims Caseload 4,873

Civil Caseloads for Kansas, the sum of all civil cases reported by the state, account for 744,814 total cases at the year end of 2016, which makes it 4,884 cases per 100.000 population.

The clearance rate for the state is about 90% which makes up by dividing the outgoing to incoming civil cases and expressing the result in a percentage.

Civil Court Incoming & Outgoing Cases 2012-2016

The number of civil court caseloads in 2016 has decreased since 2012, being 141,983 vs. 165,529, which is by 14.2 % lower than 5 years ago. The same picture is seen with clearance rates, it’s lower compared to 2012, by 20.5% being 127,720 compared to 160,711.

State Small Claims & Rates Timeline

Year: Small Claims Max. Limit Small Claims Caseload per 100.000 Population Percent of Total Civil Caseload

The caseload for small claims has decreased since 2012, going from 6,138 cases a year to 4,873 of 2016. The maximum limit of small claim charges has stayed the same at $4,000 in 2016 compared to the $4,000 that was registered 5 years ago.

Accordingly the small claims rate has decreased- 168 cases per 100 000 population compared to the 213 of 2012. The total percentage of civil caseloads accounts 18.5% for the state of Kansas for 2016.

Criminal Caseloads by Type

Criminal Caseloads for Kansas sum in 47,013 cases at the year end of 2016 which has a share of 54% of misdemeanor and 46% of felony charges. Total criminal cases have decreased in Kansas compared to the criminal caseload of 2012 - 49,689 cases. Felonies and misdemeanors have changed since 2012 by -21% and +11% accordingly.

The Proportion of Felony and Misdemeanor Caseloads

Criminal Caseloads Timeline

Domestic Relations Caseloads & Clearance Rates

The state’s domestic relations caseload has counted 34,696 cases which is 1,193 court cases per 100.000 population. It has decreased since 2012, the difference in caseloads is 5,171 for the last 5 years, being 39,867 in 2012.

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State Court Holidays

Holiday: Date:
New Year's Day Monday, January 1, 2018
Martin Luther King, Jr. DayMonday, January 15, 2018
Presidents DayMonday, February 12, 2018
Memorial DayMonday, May 28, 2018
Independence DayWednesday, July 4, 2018
Labor DayMonday, September 3, 2018
Columbus DayMonday, October 8, 2018
Veterans DayMonday, November 12, 2018
Thanksgiving DayThursday, November 22, 2018
Thanksgiving DayFriday, November 23, 2018
Christmas EveMonday, December 24, 2018
Christmas DayTuesday, December 25, 2018

Supreme Court Caseloads & Clearance Rates

Court of Appeals Caseloads