The Illinois State Police was created in 1922 when the state's legislature determined there needed to be more officers patrolling the growing road systems in the state. These officers are charged with protecting the public and their property, enforcing criminal and motor vehicle laws, emergency response and disaster preparedness.

Divisions of Illinois Police

Illinois State Police provide a myriad of services through multiple divisions. These include the Division of Operations, Division of Forensic Services, Division of Internal Investigation and Division of Administration.

The Division of Administration provides daily support in the form of personnel, data gathering and processing, and fiscal and logistical responsibilities.

Investigations of alleged corruption, conflicts of interest and misconduct are the responsibility of the Division of Internal Investigation. Its jurisdiction includes any state agency which reports to the governor.

The Division of Forensic Services aids in ongoing investigations critical to enforcing current codes and laws. State and local law enforcement depend upon this division to administer crime scene investigation and evidence collection services, background checks, crime labs and polygraph testing.

Illinois' Division of Operations offers aircraft support, investigations of vehicles, canine tracking and detection, crime prevention and traffic safety presentations, drug trafficking investigations, data development, fugitive apprehension and administering a communications network along with other support among statewide law enforcement agencies.

Requesting Illinois Police Records

In Illinois, the general public may acquire criminal history information on any party. However, the police record results are limited to conviction information only. This means that warrants, charges and arrests that were dismissed or acquitted will not be provided. Fingerprint cards to obtain your own personal criminal history record are available at any law enforcement agency. General name-based checks can be conducted online through the Illinois State Police Bureau of Identification. Fees are $10 for an electronic report and $16 for a paper report.

Illinois Police Departments