Illinois Criminal Records Search

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How to Check for Illinois Criminal Records

The Illinois State Police maintains all criminal records for the state, and they offer them freely to the public to search and obtain copies. If you have only someone’s name, you can perform your search through the Criminal History Information Response Process (CHIRP). Otherwise, you can do a search using fingerprints, but you must use a Live Scan approved fingerprint vendor from their list. You must first enroll in the program to get a username and password for the system.

Illinois criminal records online

Federal Records vs. Court Criminal Records in Illinois

You can access federal court criminal records for someone in Illinois through the Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER) system. You will need to sign up and create an account first. You can then search all federal criminal records. You can also contact the FBI for someone’s federal criminal record. If you need local, district criminal records, you can contact the state police or the courthouse directly to obtain copies of someone’s criminal history in Illinois.


How Long do Felony or Misdemeanor Charges Last?

If you were never convicted of a crime, you could request your records be expunged. If you were convicted, however, you could ask about sealing them but only after a certain amount of time (generally two, three or five years) after you have completed your sentence. Some crimes will stay on your record forever, and you must comply with specific guidelines when requesting to have your records sealed. Once you petition the court, you will get a decision within 60 days.


Who Can Lookup your Criminal Background?

According to the Illinois Uniform Conviction Information Act (UCIA) of 1991, all criminal conviction information must be made available to the public. Therefore anyone can search for and find your criminal history and get a copy. You can also get a copy of your own record or get a copy for someone else.


Why Check Someone’s Filed Criminal Charges?

Sometimes government agencies will review your criminal history before issuing you a license, permit or allowing you to buy guns. If you apply to work at a school or daycare center, your records will also be checked first by the government. If you try to rent property, your landlord might also check your files before allowing you to sign the lease.


Types of Criminal Records

Criminal records contain a lot of different information such as demographics like name, age, date of birth, gender, race, address, and phone number. They will also contain all charges, convictions, sentencing, and incarcerations you have on your record. Sometimes the records will include mug shots and fingerprints as well.


How Are IL Criminal Records Created?

When someone is arrested, and their picture is taken, and they are fingerprinted, those become criminal records. A RAP sheet and arrest warrant are also criminal records. Whenever law enforcement has to fill out paperwork pertaining to you and your crime, that becomes part of your criminal record.