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How to Perform Texas Inmate Lookup

You can quickly search for someone incarcerated in the state by using their name, TDCJ number, SID number, race or gender. From there you will see a long list of inmates that match your criteria. You can click on the person’s name to see more details like name, race, gender, date of birth, sentencing, possible parole date, aliases, the facility information and directions along with visitation, and offense history. You can also use a Texas inmate records search online to see even more details like mug shots, complete criminal history, arrests, warrants, and sex offenses.

Creating Public Jail Records

The state keeps jail records on every inmate. Each form filled out is entered into the computerized system and attached to each prisoner’s ID. Jail and prison administrators detail every aspect of prison life including work-release programs, parole eligibility dates, visitation, court appearances, participation in educational programs and everything else that affects a prisoner while incarcerated. After they are released, the parole system takes over and updates the records with parole visits and re-entry progress. Texas inmate search records are shared among all branches of law enforcement.

What are Texas Jail Records?

Texas jail inmate search records for the state are the paperwork that is generated with every event that takes place in an inmate’s life during the time of incarceration. The paperwork trail starts when the person is arrested and continues throughout parole. All Texas jail records are kept for each inmate in an online system to make things organized and manageable. Law enforcement agencies share jail records to streamline the intake process and for moving inmates from facility to facility. Some Texas prison inmate search records are publicly accessible online for searches and finding someone in jail.

Jail and Inmate Search in Texas

The Southern state of Texas currently oversees 166,000 people in state prison and 56,000 in county jails. They also have 4,400 youths in detention centers around the state. TX has a very high rate of incarceration when compared to the overall U.S. average. 62% of the state inmates are African American, and 21% are Hispanic with the rest being White. Along with those in TX jails and prisons, the state is also responsible for another 107,000 inmates on parole and 382,000 people on probation.

Criminal Justice Quick Facts

Texas Imprisonment Rate
Prison Population
Probation Population
Parole Population
4.0:1 (Black : White Ratio)
1.2:1 (Hispanic : White Ratio)
Racial Disparity in Incarceration Rate
Juvenile Custody Rate (per 100 000)
495,928 (2.45%)
Disenfranchised Population
147,727 (6.17%)
Disenfranchised African Americans
Corrections Expenditures (in millions)

Texas Parole Population

Texas parole population as of the beginning of 2016 counted 111,892 people, 537 paroles per 100.000 population. That’s by 605 people less compared to the previous year, which has decreased by 0.5%.

Paroles per 100.000 population (2016)
Parole Total Population in Texas (2016)
Parole Entries & Exits (2016)
Change in 2016, in Percentage and Number
Number on parole per 100,000 U.S. adult residents
Increased by
Adults entering parole, by type of entry
Type of Parole Entry:
Number of Parolees:
Term of supervised release

Texas Prisons

The state currently has 252 jails across 254 counties with another 50 prisons in the state. They house a lot of inmates and have 56,000 in jail with another 166,000 in prison. With an enormous budget of $3.4 billion and a massive staff of 31,684 employees, the state has one of the largest inmate populations in the country. The TX community corrections system oversees another 107,000 inmates that were released on parole and 382,000 people on probation. It costs the state $21,390 to house and care for each inmate for a year. Based on one hundred thousand residents, TX has an overall incarceration rate of 563, a violent crime rate of 434 and a property crime rate of 2,760.

Prison Name Prison Type
A.M. "Mac" Stringfellow UnitState Prison
Alfred D. Hughes UnitState Prison
Allan B. Polunsky UnitState Prison
Avalon - Austin Residential Reentry CenterPrivate Prison
Avalon - Austin Transitional CenterPrivate Prison
Avalon - Corpus Christi Transitional CenterPrivate Prison
Avalon - Dallas Transitional CenterPrivate Prison
Avalon - El Paso Multi-Use FacilityPrivate Prison
Avalon - El Paso Transitional CenterPrivate Prison
Barry B. Telford UnitState Prison
Bastrop FCI Federal Prison
Beauford H. Jester III UnitState Prison
Beaumont Low FCIFederal Prison
Beaumont Medium FCIFederal Prison
Beaumont USPFederal Prison
Big Spring CI Private Prison
Big Spring FCI Federal Prison
Billy Moore Correctional CenterPrivate Prison
Bridgeport Correctional CenterPrivate Prison
Brooks County Detention CenterPrivate Prison
Bryan FPC Federal Prison
Buster Cole State JailState Jail
C.T. Terrell UnitState Prison
Carol S. Vance UnitState Prison
Carswell FMC Federal Prison
Central Regional OfficePrivate Facility
Central Texas Detention FacilityPrivate Prison
Christina Melton Crain UnitState Prison
Clarence N. Stevenson UnitState Prison
Clemens UnitState Prison
Cleveland Correctional CenterPrivate Prison
Coastal Bend Detention CenterPrivate Prison
Dalhart UnitState Prison
Dallas RRM Federal Prison
Daniel Webster Wallace UnitState Prison
Darrington UnitState Prison
Dempsie Henley State JailState Jail
Diboll Correctional CenterPrivate Prison
Dolph Briscoe UnitState Prison
Dr. Lane Murray UnitState Prison
East Hidalgo Detention CenterPrivate Prison
East Texas Multi-Use FacilityPrivate Prison
Eastham UnitState Prison
Ector County Correctional CenterPrivate Prison
Eden Detention CenterPrivate Prison
Fabian Dale Dominguez State JailState Jail
Fannin County Detention Center & South Jail AnnexPrivate Prison
Formby State JailState Jail
Fort Worth FMC Federal Prison
Fort Worth Transitional CenterPrivate Prison
French Robertson UnitState Prison
George Beto UnitState Prison
Gib Lewis UnitState Prison
Giles W. Dalby CI Private Prison
Grand Prairie Federal Prison
H. H. Coffield UnitState Prison
Hilltop UnitState Prison
Houston FDC Federal Prison
Houston Processing CenterPrivate Prison
Houston RRM Federal Prison
Huntsville UnitState Prison
Hutchins State JailState Jail
J.B. Wheeler State JailState Jail
James "Jay" H. Byrd UnitState Prison
James Bradshaw State JailPrivate Prison
James Lynaugh UnitState Prison
James V. Allred UnitState Prison
Jerry H. Hodge UnitState Prison
Jim Ferguson UnitState Prison
Joe Corley ICE Processing CenterPrivate Prison
Joe Kegans State JailState Jail
Joe Ney State JailState Jail
John B. Connally UnitState Prison
John M. Wynne UnitState Prison
John R. Lindsey State JailPrivate Prison
Karnes County Correctional CenterPrivate Prison
Karnes County Residential CenterPrivate Prison
Kinney County Detention CenterPrivate Prison
Kyle Correctional CenterPrivate Prison
L.V. Hightower UnitState Prison
La Tuna FCI Federal Prison
Laredo Processing CenterPrivate Prison
Larry Gist State JailState Jail
Leidel Residential Reentry CenterPrivate Prison
Liberty County JailPrivate Prison
Linda Woodman State JailState Jail
Lindsey State JailPrivate Prison
Lockhart Correctional FacilityPrivate Prison
Louis C. Powledge UnitState Prison
Lucile Plane State JailState Jail
Mark W. Michael UnitState Prison
Mark W. Stiles UnitState Prison
McCabe CenterPrivate Prison
Mid Valley HousePrivate Prison
Montgomery ICE Processing CenterPrivate Prison
Mountain View UnitState Prison
Nathaniel J. Neal UnitState Prison
O.B. Ellis UnitState Prison
O.L. Luther UnitState Prison
Pam Lychner State JailState Jail
Preston E. Smith UnitState Prison
Price Daniel UnitState Prison
Reagan County Law Enforcement CenterPrivate Prison
Reeves I & II CI Private Prison
Reeves III CI Private Prison
Reynoldo V. Lopez State JailState Jail
Rio Grande Detention CenterPrivate Prison
Rogelio Sanchez State JailState Jail
Ruben M. Torres UnitState Prison
Rufe Jordan Unit / Baten Intermediate Sanction FacilityState Prison
Rufus H. Duncan Geriatric FacilityState Prison
San Antonio RRM Federal Prison
Sanders "Sandy" Estes UnitPrivate Prison
Seagoville FCI Federal Prison
South Central RO Federal Prison
South Texas Family Residential CenterPrivate Facility
South Texas ICE Processing CenterPrivate Prison
T. Don Hutto Residential CenterPrivate Prison
T.L. Roach UnitState Prison
Texarkana FCI Federal Prison
Thomas Goree UnitState Prison
Three Rivers FCI Federal Prison
Travis County State JailState Jail
Val Verde Correctional FacilityPrivate Prison
W. F. Ramsey UnitState Prison
W. J. "Jim" Estelle UnitState Prison
Wallace Pack UnitState Prison
Wayne Scott UnitState Prison
Webb County Detention CenterPrivate Prison
Willacy County State JailPrivate Prison
Willacy County State JailPrivate Prison
William G. McConnell UnitState Prison
William P. Clements UnitState Prison
William P. Hobby UnitState Prison
William R. Boyd UnitState Prison
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