The New York State Police was established in 1917 with 232 troopers on horseback to patrol the rural areas of the state. This occurred after the murder of a man in 1913 in Westchester County was not investigated and the murderers were not pursued or charged even after the victim identified them before his death. The victim's employer and one of her friends then began a movement to instate a statewide law enforcement agency to help patrol rural areas.

Divisions of New York Police

The New York State Police have divisions that include a crime lab, criminal investigations and specialized services. The Bureau of Criminal Investigation was established in 1935 and works on the following types of cases: felony crimes; narcotics; violent and serial crimes; child abuse; sexual exploitation; computer and technology crimes; bias crimes; auto theft; consumer product tampering and organized crime.

The Crime Laboratory System supports law enforcement agencies across the state to investigate and solve all types of cases. There are four main lab locations across the state, and offer investigative assistance, forensic consultants, computerized databases, technical investigation specialists and a complete range of crime lab services.

Specialized divisions of the New York State Police include the following: Aviation Unit; Bicycle Patrols; Bomb Disposal Unit; Canine Unit; Dive Team; Marine Detail; Motorcycle Unit; Radiological Unit; Snowmobile Patrols; and Special Operations Response Team.

Requesting New York Police Records

The Department of Criminal Justice in New York maintains and disperses records about dismissed cases, convictions and arrests to the person named in the record. The main office for the department is located in Albany, and requests can be submitted there for personal criminal histories when accompanied by fingerprints. The State of New York does not allow requests for another person's criminal history records.

Case records specific to the New York State Police are available from the local police department for any persons named in the case.

New York Police Departments