The Michigan State Police was formed in 1917 with 300 officers, and has since grown to nearly 3,000. This department was first formed as a wartime emergency force during WWI. In 1919 the state legislature recognized the Michigan State Police as a permanent law enforcement department. Later, in 1963, the state wrote its new constitution and organized the Michigan Department of State Police as a public department.

Divisions of Michigan Police

The Department of Michigan State Police has several divisions: Biometrics and Identification; Commercial Vehicle Enforcement; Criminal Justice Information Center; Emergency Management and Homeland Security; Forensic Science; Grants and Community Services; Intelligence Operations; Office of Highway Safety Planning; Special Investigation; Special Operations; State 911 Committee and Training.

These multiple divisions offer a plethora of services to the state's residents, including; alerts; firearm licensing; sex offender registry; criminal history records; traffic crash reports; identity theft assistance; school bus safety inspections; motor carrier regulatory and credentialing; cyber security resources; missing persons and children services and fraud investigation.

The Department provides access to the sex offender registry online, as well as other resources for the community. Cold case information, sketches of suspects in unsolved crimes, and facial reconstructions of unidentified victims are also posted so the public can aid the officers in these investigations.

Requesting Michigan Police Records

The Michigan State Police provides the option to search criminal history records online through the Internet Criminal History Access Tool. Here, you can search for records with only a name. These searches provide descriptions of the subject and details regarding misdemeanor convictions and felony arrests and convictions. Warrant information is not available through this tool, and neither are suppressed records. This search will not return any federal records, juvenile records, traffic records, local misdemeanors, tribal records or criminal records from another state.

Michigan Police Departments