Oklahoma Court Records

What is Included in Oklahoma Public Court Records

Criminal Court Cases

Assault & Battery, Domestic Violence, Parole Violation, Probation Violation, Sexual Assault, Robbery, Manslaughter, Murder, Drug Offenses, And More...

Civil Court Cases

Bankruptcies, Legal Judgments, Lawsuits, Tax & Property Liens, Contract Disputes, Probates, Family Law, Small Claims, Evictions, And More...

Traffic Court Cases

Driving Under Influence, Driving While Intoxicated, Speeding Tickets, Traffic Citations, Reckless Driving, Driving Without a License, License Suspensions, Criminal Driving Violations, Accidents, And More...

Oklahoma Court Record Lookup

Oklahoma OK court records are public documents that can be essential in executing a court order such as collecting a judgement, establishing child custody, or evicting a tenant. Anyone can perform Oklahoma court records search.

Limited jurisdiction courts

Municipal courts hear cases of municipal ordinance violations and some traffic issues. Jury trials are not held at this level. ANyone can obtain these Oklahoma court records online via Oklahoma court record lookup.

Other Oklahoma courts of limited jurisdiction include a tax review court that hears disputes of taxes set by state agencies and municipalities, as well as a worker’s compensation court.

Sovereign Native American lands use their own court systems, called tribal courts, for incidents and legal issues that arise there.

Trial courts

District courts are located in 77 places around the state with general jurisdiction over civil and criminal matters. Within district courts are divisions that handle domestic issues (Oklahoma child support and custody, guardianship, child abuse, divorce) and juvenile matters (delinquency, emancipation).

Some records cannot be released due to confidentiality laws; these include juvenile cases and those records that identify victims of certain crimes. But you could get more details through performing Oklahoma criminal records.

District courts across the state received 562,000 case filings in a recent year, disposing of 519,000. The Tulsa-area district court was by far the busiest with over 81,000 cases filed, which can be viewed via Oklahoma court case lookup.

Appellate courts

The interim courts of appeals are divided into criminal and civil sections. These Oklahoma courthouses take appeals of disputed case decisions from lower courts and state administrative agencies, offer “interlocutory” or advisory opinions on lower court cases in process, and respond to writs.

The state supreme court assigns cases to the appellate courts, hears selected cases, and decides questions of constitutionality.

Federal courts

Each state has at least one U.S. District, or federal court with jurisdiction over bankruptcy petitions, violations of federal law, class action lawsuits, and multi-state lawsuits. 

Oklahoma Notable Court Cases

Quite recently, an Oklahoma Sheriff was charged with corruption in office and willful neglect of duty after the FBI began an investigation into his practices. It is alleged that Sheriff Marion "'Joe" Russell allowed his son to deal meth out of his home, housed a fugitive at one point in time, and is accused of failing to properly investigate the disappearance of a young woman who was last known to be in the presence of a local methamphetamine dealer.


State Small Claims & Rates Timeline

Year: Small Claims Max. Limit Small Claims Caseload per 100.000 Population Percent of Total Civil Caseload

State Court Holidays

Holiday: Date:
New Year's DayMonday, January 1, 2018
Martin Luther King, Jr. DayMonday, January 15, 2018
Presidents' DayMonday, February 19, 2018
Memorial DayMonday, May 28, 2018
Independence DayWednesday, July 4, 2018
Labor DayMonday, September 3, 2018
Veterans Day (Observed)Monday, November 12, 2018
ThanksgivingThursday, November 22, 2018
Day after ThanksgivingFriday, November 23, 2018
Christmas EveMonday, December 24, 2018

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