The Mississippi Department of Public Safety encompasses the Highway Patrol as one of their main divisions. The Mississippi Highway Patrol is the state police force, and was established in 1972. The force's main purpose is to enforce motor safety laws, issuing licenses and firearms permits, as well as disaster response.

Divisions of Mississippi Police

The main divisions of the Mississippi Department of Public Safety include the Highway Patrol, Mississippi Bureau of Investigation, Bureau of Narcotics, Mississippi Homeland Security, Mississippi Crime Lab, Medical Examiner, Office of Administrative Operations, Law Enforcement Officer's Training Academy, Public Safety Planning and Motor Carrier Safety Division. Each municipality also boasts a local police force to aid in local law enforcement.

The Highway Patrol monitors traffic and administers all things driving related, including driver's tests, identification and permits. This is the state-wide police force that provides assistance in emergency matters across the state.

The Bureau of Investigation also has police powers, and investigates crimes throughout the state. This division also shares information among state, local and federal agencies. The Bureau of Narcotics enforces the state's laws concerning controlled substances. The Department of Homeland Security operates the Community Emergency Response Team in cases of public hazards and emergency situations.

The Mississippi Crime Lab was established in 1956 and funded in 1966. There are three regional locations in Batesville, Gulf Coast and Meridian; the main lab is found in Jackson. These labs provide all forensic and evidence testing for ongoing investigations and cold cases in the state.

Requesting Mississippi Police Records

Police record checks in Mississippi are not automated or available online. The Department of Health suggests contacting the Criminal History Record Check Division directly in order to request information about a person's criminal history in the state. The Mississippi Department of Corrections does offer an online search for current inmates and recent parolees.

Mississippi Police Departments