The Florida Department of Law Enforcement is comprised of the state's county sheriff's offices and local police departments. It currently employs about 2000 people, and was established in 1967 as the Bureau of Law Enforcement. Originally, this bureau employed 94 people through the Florida Sheriffs Bureau and State Narcotics Bureau. The Bureau then became the Department of Law Enforcement in 1969.

Divisions of Florida Police

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement offers investigations and forensic services in all local criminal matters, computer crimes and domestic security threats. The Public Safety Services Division provides criminal justice information, defines and enforces criminal justice professionalism, administers missing persons programs and officer training.

Since September 11, 2001, the Department of Law Enforcement's Executive Director has served as the Chief of Domestic Security for the state. This office specifically prepares local and state officials for terrorist events and trains them to prevent, respond to and recover from such attacks. There are seven Regional Domestic Security Task Forces located throughout the state to aid in carrying out the purpose of this office, with first responders, law enforcement, hospital staff and emergency management representatives.

Requesting Florida Police Records

Florida's Department of Law Enforcement Criminal Justice Information Services collects, maintains and distributes criminal records from agencies throughout the state. Criminal history checks are provided to employers and civilians wishing to find arrests and warrants in a person's past which may affect employment, licensing or firearm purchasing ability.

Florida police records are available to the general public for $24.00 and available online. Fingerprints are not required. Local law enforcement agencies provide wanted persons information at no charge to the general public, and the state's sex offender registry is also available at no charge.

This department also gathers and provides crime statistics for local, state and federal law enforcement agencies. The Florida Crime Information Center provides data regarding hate crime statistics, murder, rape, assault, drunk driving and other criminal activity in the state.

Florida Police Departments