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How to Perform Florida Inmate Lookup

FL makes it very easy to search for and find an inmate if you want to look someone up in the penal system. With just a first or last name search you can see a list of offenders. You can narrow that search down by an offense, ID number, county or the location of the facility they are held within. When you perform a search, you will see a lot of information such as mug shot, name, race, gender, hair and eye color, height, weight, birth date, admittance date, facility info, aliases, identifying marks, release date, their criminal history, court history, and other details. You can also use Florida prison inmate search online to find someone in jail or prison.

Creating Public Jail Records

From the time a criminal is picked up by police and arrested, the state starts keeping jail records of the individual. Each agency after that, that handles the prisoner adds to the records. When the person has court dates, rulings, charges or sentencing, the record is updated. When they are moved to a new facility their information is updated until they have completed their rehabilitation and been released on parole. Every event that takes place during their prison life is documented and kept in their jail record.

What are FL Inmate Search Records?

Florida prison inmate search records contain a ton of information about an offender in the prison system. From the time of arrest, a file is opened and then added to as the inmate progressed through the system. The first document is the RAP sheet detailing their offenses. The Florida inmate search record will also include general information like their name, race, age, gender and a physical description including any identifying marks like scars or tattoos. All local and state agencies that come in contact with the prisoner will add to the files. Each inmate upon arrival is assigned an ID number, and that code follows them all the way through until parole.

Florida Prison Inmate Search

 FL Department of Corrections and Prison Records

FL appears to be a hotbed of criminal activity as the state supports 87 jails over 67 counties and another 149 prisons. Currently, there are 52,268 inmates in state jails and another 99,974 in prison. Florida’s Department of Corrections is the largest state agency and employs 89,102 staff members. Along with those in prison or jail, FL oversees another 214,066 people who are on probation and 4,566 who are on parole. The state operates with an annual budget of $ 2,300,000,000. It costs FL $20,553 to house each inmate for a year.

Florida Prison System and FL DOC

The Florida Department of Corrections is a state agency with a $2.7 billion budget and jurisdiction over some 245,000 individuals committed to its facilities or on probation. It is the third-largest prison system in the country. Within the FLDOC are 143 facilities comprised of:
50 public and 7 private prisons;
33 work camps;
3 re-entry centers;
30 public- and privately-operated work release centers;
16 annexes, and
33 work camps.

How to Use The State Corrections Offender Network

An inmate search is crucial to locating an individual incarcerated in Florida due to the many dispersed locations a person may be transferred to and held at during a prison sentence there. The Florida offender search function is simple to use and may be searched by name or alias or DOC number. A photo of the individual will be shown with their name to confirm identity.

Visiting an Inmate in Florida Prisons and Jails

In order to visit an inmate in Florida prisons, you must first send an application electronically. When you get a response from the individual confirming the date and time then you may visit. It is important to read and understand the rules regarding in-person visits, which include the clothing that may be worn, the limits to physical contact, and the requirement that visitors consent to searches.

Items that are not allowed in prison visitation areas include:

  • cell phones;
  • cash money;
  • cigarettes;
  • weapons.

Violating this rule is a potential felony offense. In order to send any packages or money to the inmate you are visiting you must follow strict rules set by each institution.

How to Send Money to an Inmate in Florida?

If you want to send money to an inmate, first use the Florida prison inmate search to determine where the person is being held. County jails and prisons have different policies. Florida prisons do not allow inmates to receive cash directly. It is best to contact the facility where the inmate is located – or look at the website for that facility – and follow their instructions for sending money. Most state prisons, except for the private ones, use a system called Jpay, and there are specific instructions for depositing money into an inmate’s account (you must have the inmate’s identification number) via MoneyGram, telephone, credit card, or online at Jpay.com.

Inmate Release in Florida

Those who have been incarcerated in Florida. There are several types of release, including:
parole, a form of good conduct supervised release prior to the end of the inmate’s sentence;
conditional release, for violent or habitual offenders who are released under supervision that lasts at least as long as the period they spent in prison;
conditional medical release for those who are deemed terminally ill;
addiction recovery supervision for those who can benefit from substance abuse programs;
control release is discretionary supervised release when the prison population reaches a certain threshold, to prevent overcrowding.

Florida’s Worst Prisons

With the country’s third-largest prison system, Florida’s Department of Corrections has had issues that lead to a watchdog commission created in 2015 to monitor conditions and complaints. When the oversight body was created there were whistleblower complaints that the prison system’s inspector general had ignored inmate complaints and sabotaged investigations. Still in 2019 state legislators were calling for increased oversight of the state’s prisons, including the Lowell facility for women, where guards allegedly beat one inmate so badly that she became a paraplegic, and the Lake facility for men where another inmate was beaten by guards and the footage filmed on a banned cellphone and made public on YouTube.


Criminal Justice Quick Facts

Florida Imprisonment Rate
Prison Population
Probation Population
Parole Population
3.6:1 (Black : White Ratio)
0.2:1 (Hispanic : White Ratio)
Racial Disparity in Incarceration Rate
Juvenile Custody Rate (per 100 000)
1,686,318 (10.43%)
Disenfranchised Population
499,306 (21.35%)
Disenfranchised African Americans
Corrections Expenditures (in millions)

Florida Parole Population

Florida parole population as of the beginning of 2016 counted 4,611 people, 27 paroles per 100.000 population. That’s by 45 people less compared to the previous year, which has decreased by 1.0%.

Paroles per 100.000 population (2016)
Parole Total Population in Florida (2016)
Parole Entries & Exits (2016)
Change in 2016, in Percentage and Number
Number on parole per 100,000 U.S. adult residents
Increased by
Adults entering parole, by type of entry
Type of Parole Entry:
Number of Parolees:
Term of supervised release

Florida Prisons

Operating on a $2.3 billion budget and with a staff of 89,102 employees, FL’s prison and jail system is immense. The state houses more than 99,970 prisoners and another 52,268 in jail. Along with those figures, the state’s community corrections system keeps 214,066 inmates on probation and 4,566 on parole. Per one hundred thousand residents, FL has an incarceration rate of 481, a violent crime rate of 430 and a property crime rate of 2,687. It costs FL $20,553 per year to care for each inmate.

Prison Name Prison Type
Apalachee Correctional Institution, East UnitState Prison
Apalachee Correctional Institution, West UnitState Prison
Avon Park Correctional InstitutionState Prison
Baker Correctional InstitutionState Prison
Baker Re-Entry CenterState Prison
Bay Correctional FacilityPrivate Prison
Blackwater River Correctional FacilityPrivate Prison
Broward Transition CenterPrivate Prison
Calhoun Correctional InstitutionState Prison
Central Florida Reception CenterState Prison
Central Florida Reception Center, East UnitState Prison
Central Florida Reception Center, South UnitState Prison
Century Correctional InstitutionState Prison
Charlotte Correctional InstitutionState Prison
Citrus County Detention FacilityPrivate Prison
Coleman I USPFederal Prison
Coleman II USPFederal Prison
Coleman Low FCIFederal Prison
Coleman Medium FCIFederal Prison
Columbia Correctional InstitutionState Prison
Columbia Correctional Institution AnnexState Prison
Cross City Correctional InstitutionState Prison
Cross City East UnitState Prison
Dade Correctional InstitutionState Prison
Desoto AnnexState Prison
Everglades Correctional InstitutionState Prison
Florida State PrisonState Prison
Florida State Prison, West UnitState Prison
Florida Women's Reception CenterState Prison
Franklin Correctional InstitutionState Prison
Gadsden Correctional FacilityPrivate Prison
Gadsden Re-Entry CenterState Prison
Graceville Correctional FacilityPrivate Prison
Gulf Correctional InstitutionState Prison
Gulf Correctional Institution AnnexState Prison
Hamilton Correctional InstitutionState Prison
Hamilton Correctional Institution AnnexState Prison
Hardee Correctional InstitutionState Prison
Hernando Correctional InstitutionState Prison
Holmes Correctional InstitutionState Prison
Homestead Correctional InstitutionState Prison
Jackson Correctional InstitutionState Prison
Jefferson Correctional InstitutionState Prison
Lake City Correctional FacilityPrivate Prison
Lake Correctional InstitutionState Prison
Lancaster Correctional InstitutionState Prison
Lawtey Correctional InstitutionState Prison
Liberty Correctional InstitutionState Prison
Lowell AnnexState Prison
Lowell Correctional InstitutionState Prison
Madison Correctional InstitutionState Prison
Marianna FCI Federal Prison
Marion Correctional InstitutionState Prison
Martin Correctional InstitutionState Prison
Mayo Correctional Institution AnnexState Prison
Miami FCI Federal Prison
Miami FDC Federal Prison
Miami RRM Federal Prison
Moore Haven Correctional FacilityState Prison
New River Correctional InstitutionState Prison
Northwest Florida Reception CenterState Prison
Northwest Florida Reception Center AnnexState Prison
Okaloosa Correctional InstitutionState Prison
Okeechobee Correctional InstitutionState Prison
Orlando RRM Federal Prison
Pensacola FPC Federal Prison
Polk Correctional InstitutionState Prison
Putnam Correctional InstitutionState Prison
Quincy AnnexState Prison
Reception and Medical CenterState Prison
Reception and Medical Center, West UnitState Prison
Santa Rosa Correctional InstitutionState Prison
Santa Rosa Correctional Institution AnnexState Prison
South Bay Correctional FacilityPrivate Prison
South Florida Reception CenterState Prison
South Florida Reception Center, South UnitState Prison
Sumter Correctional InstitutionState Prison
Suwannee Correctional InstitutionState Prison
Suwannee Correctional Institution AnnexState Prison
Tallahassee FCI Federal Prison
Taylor Correctional InstitutionState Prison
Taylor Correctional Institution AnnexState Prison
Tomoka Correctional InstitutionState Prison
Union Correctional InstitutionState Prison
Wakulla Correctional InstitutionState Prison
Wakulla Correctional Institution AnnexState Prison
Walton Correctional InstitutionState Prison
Zephyrhills Correctional InstitutionState Prison
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