Maine Police Records

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Databases Updated on Feb 27, 2024

What are Maine Police Records?

In 1921, the State Highway Commission started the State Highway Police. There were initially 34 officers, and applicants were required to complete a horsemanship test to be accepted as a new officer. These officers enforced highway laws and collected vehicle registration and license fees. Today, the agency employs more than 340 sworn personnel.

Divisions of Maine Police

The Criminal Investigation and Forensics Unit investigates current crimes and cold cases, oversees the crime lab and polygraph unit, maintains crime statistics and the state sex offender registry, and fulfills record requests. The Vehicle Inspections and Crashes division investigates crashes, takes reports and conducts inspections of trailers. Commercial vehicles must adhere to state laws and regulations, and the Commercial Vehicle Enforcement division ensures this.

There are also Field Troops, which are a branch of the police charged with patrolling the municipalities where local police departments don't exist. Other Special Units provide services state wide, and require officers to pass specific tests and undergo additional training and education. These include the Bomb Team, Canine Unit, Crisis Negotiations, Underwater Recovery Team, Tactical Team, Incident Management, Pipe and Drum Unit, Air Wing Unit, Evidence Response Team and Executive Protection.

Requesting Maine Police Records

The Maine State Police maintains current sex offender registry information online. There is also a service which allows you to request criminal history records online. Fees range from $21 to $31, and you'll need the full name and date of birth of the subject. Police records released include conviction information for past charges, as well as pending cases that are less than 12 months old. There is no guarantee the record is for the person you mean to search, however. Someone with a similar name and/or birth date could be returned, so these cannot be used for employment background searches. These types of verified searches require fingerprints to be submitted with the request.

Maine Arrest Records by Type of Crime

The popular arrests for 2017 in Maine was for All Other Offenses (except traffic) - 14,755, the same popularity of the arrest type was seen in Alabama, Alaska, and Arizona. The least popularity had Drunkenness arrests - with only 24 crimes a year.

Arrest Type Under 18 All ages Total arrests
Violent Crime 57 780 837
Property Crime 779 5,578 6,357
Rape 14 70 84
Robbery 12 128 140
Aggravated Assault 31 568 599