Alaska's law enforcement is comprised of three municipal police Departments: Anchorage, Fairbanks and Juneau. The Anchorage Police Department was established in 1921 and has had a total of 28 Chiefs. This is the largest law enforcement department in the state. The Anchorage Police Department also boasts multiple divisions, including Canine, Crisis Intervention Team, Data System Section, Bomb Team, Hostage Negotiations, Homicide Response, Special Weapons and Tactics, Records, Traffic and Crime Prevention and School Resource Officer.

Questions can be directed to the department at: 4501 Elmore Road, Anchorage, AK 99507

The Fairbanks Police Department has 46 officers and 6 personnel. Special Divisions include the Drug Investigations, Community Policing Unit, SWAT team, Traffic Enforcement and Canine. The Department also provides an online portal where the public can view recent incidents, arrests, missing persons, wanted persons and current warrants, as well as report incidents. Local records in Fairbanks need to be requested at 911 Cushman Street.

The Juneau Police Department was established in 1900 when an ordinance created it and outlined the role of the Chief and appointment by City Council. Juneau became the seat for the state earlier that same year.

Requesting Alaska Police Records

Alaska police records are available through the Criminal Records and Identification Bureau, which is a part of the Division of Statewide Services. This is where the state's criminal records and fingerprint system are maintained and accessed by personnel. The system is utilized by law enforcement to verify identity when someone is arrested or to match with crime scene evidence.

Anyone can request their own records with proper identification, but if you want records for someone else you must provide a signed authorization from them. This will enable a request for a non-fingerprint based state criminal history.

The Criminal Records and Identification Bureau is located at 5700 East Tudor Road in Anchorage, or the proper request forms are also available at each of the three state police agencies.