The Arizona Department of Public Safety was created in 1969, after the sitting governor at the time determined there should be a single government agency that oversaw all law enforcement agencies in the state. This department encompasses the state troopers and police, who are charged with enforcing laws for traffic, narcotics, regulatory functions, criminal information systems and organized crime.

Arizona Police Divisions

Arizona's Department of Public Safety specifically provides services through the Agency Support Division, Criminal Investigation Division, Highway Patrol Division and Technical Support Division. Agency support reaches out to local and municipal law enforcement agencies to provide needed manpower and support on a daily basis. Criminal investigations focus on terror threats, illegal border crossings, vehicle theft, gang activity, computer crimes, narcotic trafficking and organized crimes. The Highway Patrol Division enforces traffic laws, and Technical Support aids agencies with criminal record maintenance and other technical issues.

Enforcement services provided by the department include commercial vehicle, DUI, gang & immigration intelligence, impaired driving and fugitive tips. It also has created and maintained a scrap metal theft database for the state.

Government services provided by the Arizona Department of Public Safety include a tow program, crime victim services, fingerprint identification and compliance, the Arizona Department of Transportation and Arizona Disposition Reporting System.

Requesting Arizona Police Records

The state of Arizona holds its criminal records in the Criminal History Records Section for the state. Arizona police records are not available through the Public Records Division.

In the case of an employment background check, it may only be performed when employed by a federal or state agency or non-profit. However, private companies can request a fingerprint clearance card.

It is illegal in the state of Arizona to conduct a police records check for immigration, foreign adoption or visa purposes.

National background checks can be requested from the FBI:

Attn: Special Correspondence Unit

1000 Cluster Hollow Road

Clarksburg, WV 26306

Anyone who wishes to review their own records can request them via a Record Review Packet. Otherwise, the local police agency should be contacted directly. Arizona's public records laws don't allow someone to view another person's arrest or police records.