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How to Perform Wyoming Inmate Lookup

WY has an offender locator feature on the Department of Corrections website and using a person’s ID, name, age or gender, you can search for someone in prison or jail. Upon searching you will see a list of matching inmates. You can click on each one to see more details including, status, projected discharge date, age, race, gender, hair color, eye color, height, weight, and their offenses and sentencing. You can also use Wyoming inmate records search online to find someone incarcerated in the state.

Creating Public Jail Records

The state Department of Corrections officers and administration keep detailed records on every inmate. They are required by law to document everything and keep it in a system where other law enforcement agencies can share, search or retrieve it. This system helps to manage the vast inmate population and operate correctional facilities smoothly. Keeping these records is part of managing an inmate’s rehabilitation. Some Wyoming prison inmate search record will be online and available to the general public, and some are kept private. Things like mental health evaluations are personal and protected by law.

What are Wyoming Jail Records?

Wyoming jail inmate search records are all the paperwork that is filed and kept on each inmate in the prison system. Jail records begin when the person is first arrested, and a RAP sheet is created. They then continue throughout the time that the inmate is incarcerated and beyond into parole visitation. Some examples of Wyoming inmate search records would be arrest warrants, sentencing paperwork, visitor logs, medical examinations, citations for bad behavior, enrollment in prison education programs and a move to a new facility. Everything the prisoner does or happens to them is documented and kept in the online, shared system.

Jail and Inmate Search in Wyoming

The state’s average daily inmate count in prison is 2,434. They also have 1,300 people in county jails. There are another 170 youths in detention centers around the state. WY’s incarceration rate is about one-fifth less than the national average. 47% of the state’s inmates are Black, 22% are American Indian, 15% are Hispanic, and the remainder is White. WY’s Department of Corrections is also responsible for another 4,666 people on probation and 842 on parole. Their total annual budget is $292,000,000. WDOC is committed to safe, secure operations of their facilities along with public safety.

Criminal Justice Quick Facts

Wyoming Imprisonment Rate
Prison Population
Probation Population
Parole Population
3.5:1 (Black : White Ratio)
1.3:1 (Hispanic : White Ratio)
Racial Disparity in Incarceration Rate
Juvenile Custody Rate (per 100 000)
23,847 (5.33%)
Disenfranchised Population
966 (17.18%)
Disenfranchised African Americans
Corrections Expenditures (in millions)

Wyoming Parole Population

Wyoming parole population as of the beginning of 2016 counted 783 people, 189 paroles per 100.000 population. That’s by 59 people more compared to the previous year, which has increased by 7.5%.

Paroles per 100.000 population (2016)
Parole Total Population in Wyoming (2016)
Parole Entries & Exits (2016)
Change in 2016, in Percentage and Number
Number on parole per 100,000 U.S. adult residents
Increased by
Adults entering parole, by type of entry
Type of Parole Entry:
Number of Parolees:
Term of supervised release

Wyoming Prisons

The state has 23 county jails and five prisons across the state. They house 2,434 inmates in prison and 1,300 people in jail. Wyoming’s community corrections system also oversee another 842 inmates who are on parole and 4,666 people on probation. WY’s Department of Corrections operates and maintains its facilities on an annual budget of $292 million with a staff of 1,246. Based on one hundred thousand residents, the state has an overall incarceration rate of 406, a violent crime rate of 244 and a property crime rate of 1,957. The cost to house each inmate for a year is $44,472. WY is committed to community safety and inmate rehabilitation.