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How to Perform Massachusetts Inmate Lookup

MA does not have their own inmate search locator tool, but they allow you use to the VineLink system to find someone incarcerated in a Mass jail or prison. You will need the person’s name or prison ID to search. The results of the search will give you only basic information like their name, age, gender, race, prison ID, date of birth and where they are being held. You can also see the address and directions if you want to visit someone in a Mass prison. You may also use Massachusetts prison inmate search online that may give you a much more detailed report with all the inmate's criminal offenses and mug shots.

Creating Public Jail Records

MA creates jail records for each inmate in prison and keeps them updated frequently. From the time someone is arrested, a file is opened, and new forms and documents are completed and added to the record. Jail records are a vital part of the correctional process as they track each inmate as they progress through the penal system. Each event that takes place is documented and the file updated. All jail records are kept up to date and all are available in the Massachusetts inmate records search tool. Jail records are shared across all law enforcement agencies.

What are Massachusetts Jail Records?

Massachusetts jail inmate search records are the documents and forms filled out whenever a change occurs in the life of an inmate. Things like moving them from jail to prison, or visitors they entertain along with court dates, rulings, and sentencing. If the inmate commits another crime while in prison, that offense is also documented and filed. Massachusetts inmate search records are maintained meticulously on a frequent basis as things occur and are shared among all the law enforcement agencies. Sharing of information is so that everyone will be on the same page when it comes to each inmate.

Jail and Inmate Search in Massachusetts

Currently, there are 8,407 inmates in MA’s prisons. The highest age range in the state prison is 25-34. A vast majority of prisoners in Mass are Black; followed by Hispanic and then White race demographics. 70% of those incarcerated are there for a violent offense. MA also has another 10,350 people in county jails. Along with those imprisoned, the state is responsible for 61,789 people on probation and another 1,851 on parole. The state Department of Corrections manages and operates the prison population for the state.

Criminal Justice Quick Facts

Massachusetts Imprisonment Rate
Prison Population
Probation Population
Parole Population
7.5:1 (Black : White Ratio)
4.3:1 (Hispanic : White Ratio)
Racial Disparity in Incarceration Rate
Juvenile Custody Rate (per 100 000)
11,176 (0.21%)
Disenfranchised Population
2,966 (0.83%)
Disenfranchised African Americans
Corrections Expenditures (in millions)

Massachusetts Parole Population

Massachusetts parole population as of the beginning of 2016 counted 1,995 people, 34 paroles per 100.000 population. That’s by 144 people less compared to the previous year, which has decreased by 7.2%.

Paroles per 100.000 population (2016)
Parole Total Population in Massachusetts (2016)
Parole Entries & Exits (2016)
Change in 2016, in Percentage and Number
Number on parole per 100,000 U.S. adult residents
Increased by
Adults entering parole, by type of entry
Type of Parole Entry:
Number of Parolees:
Term of supervised release

Massachusetts Prisons

Currently, MA’s Department of Corrections manages 19 jails and 16 prisons spread across the state. They are responsible for 18,757 inmates in both jail and prison. The state’s community corrections system also oversees 61,789 people on probation and another 1,851 on parole. The cost to house one inmate for a year in MA is $47,102. Based on one hundred thousand residents, Mass has an incarceration rate of 156, a violent crime rate of 377 and a property crime rate of 1,561. The state works from a budget of $165 million with a staff of 5,059.