Hawaii Child Support

How to apply for child support in Hawaii

An application can be submitted to the Hawaii Child Support Enforcement Agency. Download Forms.

How to Calculate Child Support in Hawaii?

The incomes of both parents, childcare expenses, healthcare expenses, standard of living and the number of children involved are all used to calculate support totals in Hawaii.

How to claim and pay child support?

Child support in Hawaii is paid via e-childsPay.com, ExpertPay, TouchPay, MyPaymentPortal.com or MoneyGram and received via direct deposit or the ReliaCard.

Child Support Performance Stats for Hawaii

The Hawaii Department of the Attorney General monitors and reports on the performance of the state's support services.

Statistics for Regular On-Time Payments Collection

Other Incentive Performance Measures

Performance Measures 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
Statewide Paternity Establishment (%) 96.36 97.13 99.18 94.54 96.2
IV-D Paternity Establishment (%) N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Support Order Establishment (%) 67.89 70.62 73.95 74.95 76.12
Cost-Effectiveness ($) 5.39 5.84 5.42 4.93 4.92

Total Number of Children in the Child Support Program

Total Distributed Collections and Total Administrative Expenditures ($ Millions)

2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
Total Distributed Collections ($) 96.19 96.17 97.7 98.89 99.43
Total Distributed to Families ($) 87.65 88.14 89.91 90.82 91.43
Total Administrative Expenditures ($) 19.05 17.57 19.23 22.02 20.92

Average Collections per Case with Collections

Can child support be paid off early

Yes, it is possible to make support payments in advance in Hawaii.

What Will happen if You fall Behind Child Support Payment?

A number of steps will be taken to collect funds that are overdue.

Can you get alimony and child support at the same time?

Yes, both payments can be received without any conflict.

Can you stop child support payments?

No, payments cannot simply be stopped without court action in Hawaii.

Child Support and Taxes

Child support payments in Hawaii have no impact on taxes.

Can child support payments be claimed on taxes in Hawaii?

No, Hawaii does not allow parents to claim support payments on taxes.

Can child support be taken pre-tax?

No, there is not a program for paying support on a pre-tax basis in Hawaii.

Can child support Take my federal tax return?

Yes, it is possible to have your federal tax return taken if you fall behind on payments.

Paternity Establishment

It is necessary to establish paternity before you can move forward with a support order in Hawaii.

How do you establish paternity?

Paternity can be established automatically if parents are married at the time of birth, voluntarily the following birth if parents are not married or via paternity establishment services from the Child Support Enforcement Agency in Hawaii.

What rights does a father have if not on birth certificate?

A father doesn't have any rights unless legal paternity has been established.

Can a mother refuse me paternity test?

Paternity testing may be mandated by a court if a Consent Judgment of Paternity is filed due to an inability to reach an agreement.

How to establish paternity if the father is deceased?

A court would typically allow the use of a family member's DNA in such a situation.

Can a father get a paternity test without the mother?

While paternity testing conducted by accredited laboratories will be accepted by Hawaiian courts, a father must have the permission of the legal guardian before testing.

How long does a father have to establish paternity in Hawaii?

Paternity in Hawaii can be established until a child turns 18 years old.

HI Child Support Order Establishment

Parents are obligated legally to financially support their children. Child support orders may be obtained when both or one parent is not providing financial support for children

The Child Support Enforcement Agency in Hawaii is responsible for helping parents to create orders and providing a number of support-related services. 

Can child support be modified?

Yes, it is possible to modify support orders once they've been created in Hawaii.

How do I file for a modification?

You can either submit a written request for modification to the HI Child Support Enforcement Agency or initiate an action with the Hawaii Family Court. Legal representation is always strongly recommended in support cases. You can modify it every three years or whenever a large change in circumstances occurs.

Can a child support order appealed?

Yes, parties have 30 days to appeal once a filed order has been received.

Child Support Enforcement

How long does the child support enforcement take?

Most enforcement actions are automatically initiated when payments are late in Hawaii using the KEIKI system.

What to do when the support is not paid?

It is important to alert the local support office that is handling your case immediately. You will face penalties like income withholding, seizure of tax refunds, license suspension, passport revocation, property liens, contempt of court charges and federal prosecution.

How much overdue child support payment can be considered a felony?

The support that is overdue by two years or that totals $10,000 or more could result in felony charges and a court record in Hawaii.

Can the debt be forgiven?

No, Hawaii has one of the strictest policies in the country for upholding debt obligations.

Support Order Termination

How do I stop a child support order?

You will need to work through the Office of Child Support Hearings if you think that a qualifying circumstance has occurred. The legal age for stopping the payments is 18 years old or 20 years old if a child is still attending secondary school on a full-time basis

When Can I Apply for Child Support Termination?

You may be able to terminate support if your child has become emancipated, custody has changed or you've reconciled with the custodial parent.

Can the custodial parent close a support case?

While a custodial parent can petition to close a case, only a court can decide how any past-due payments will be handled. It can be closed when a child reaches the legal age of emancipation or if another qualifying circumstance occurs..

Hawaii Child Support Guidelines

Hawaii has support guidelines in place that set norms and minimums for support cases. Both parents may request hearings to contest a proposed order or proposed enforcement.

Hawaii Child Support Coverage

What is child support meant to cover?

Support in Hawaii is intended to cover costs related to housing, food, education, entertainment. As well as insurance coverage and medical care are factored into support totals.

What if Both Parents are working, will the support cover childcare services?

Yes, childcare expenses are taken into account in Hawaii's support laws. Also, transportation costs can be factored into support orders.

What is Considered Basic Entertainment for Child Support?

Internet access, movies, television shows and admission to events can all be considered basic entertainment.

Are College expenses Covered by Child Support in Hawaii?

Yes, college expenses may be covered by support if a student is enrolled on a full-time basis and still lives with the custodial parent, as well as most extracurricular activities and fees associated with school activities, field trips.

Hawaii Child Support Offices

Institution name Physical address Email address Phone number Website
Child Support Enforcement Agency 88 Kanoelehua Ave #202, Hilo, HI kalei.a.vierra@hawaii.gov 808-933-8802 http://ag.hawaii.gov

County Child Support Offices in HI

County name Institution name Physical address Email address Phone number Website
Honolulu County Honolulu County, HI Oahu Child Support Enforcement Agency 601 Kamokila Boulevard, Suite 251, Kapolei, Hawaii 96707 N/A 1(808 )692-8265 http://ag.hawaii.gov/csea/contact/
Honolulu County Honolulu County, HI Oahu Family Support Branch 680 Iwilei Road, Suite 400, Honolulu, Hawaii 96817 N/A 1(808 )692-8265 http://ag.hawaii.gov/csea/contact/
Hawaii County Hawaii County, HI Hawaii Child Support Enforcement Agency 88 Kanoelehua Avenue, Suite #202, Hilo, Hawaii 96720 N/A 1(808 ) 933-0644 http://ag.hawaii.gov/csea/contact/
Hawaii County Hawaii County, HI Hawaii Family Support Branch (Hilo) 688 Kino`ole Street, Suite 214, Hilo, Hawaii 96720 N/A 1(808 ) 933-0644 http://ag.hawaii.gov/csea/contact/
Hawaii County Hawaii County, HI Hawaii Family Support Branch (Kona) 81-941 Haleki`i Street, Kealakekua, Hawaii 96750 N/A N/A http://ag.hawaii.gov/csea/contact/
Maui County Maui County, HI Maui Child Support Enforcement Agency 35 Lunalilo Street, Suite 201, Wailuku, Hawaii 96793 N/A 1(808) 243-5241 http://ag.hawaii.gov/csea/contact/
Maui County Maui County, HI Maui Family Support Branch 35 Lunalilo Street, Suite 203, Wailuku, Hawaii 96793 N/A 1(808) 243-5241 http://ag.hawaii.gov/csea/contact/
Kauai County Kauai County, HI Kauai Child Support Enforcement Agency 4180 Rice Street, Suite 104, Lihu`e, Hawaii 96766 N/A 1(808) 241-7112 http://ag.hawaii.gov/csea/contact/