Hawaii Criminal Records Search

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How to Check for Hawaii Criminal Records

The Hawaii Criminal Justice Data Center issues criminal reports for the state. They offer a name and fingerprint search. Arrest records that resulted in a conviction are included along with all adult charges, but juvenile criminal histories will not be included. You can also contact one of five police stations in the state to obtain public criminal records. You can also use their Hawaii's Adult Criminal Information (eCrim) website, but this does not show sex offenders. Another option is an online search portal service to find someone’s criminal history.

Hawaii criminal records online

Federal Records vs. Court Criminal Records in Hawaii

Hawaii’s State Judiciary offers a couple of different websites for federal court records. However, their disclaimer says it may not be complete or entirely accurate information. You may need to visit the courthouse in person to get the records you need or use the Public Access to Court Electronic Records system (PACER) system. For local court documents on criminal cases, you can also visit the courthouse in person or use a third-party online search website.


How Long do Felony or Misdemeanor Charges Last?

If you were arrested and charged with a crime in Hawaii but not convicted, you could apply for expungement. However, you must also comply with other requirements. It costs $35 for a first-time offender and $50 for a repeat offender. It may take up to 120 days for the expungement to be finalized. Any charge, both misdemeanors, and felonies that you were convicted of, will stay on your record forever. Only some DUIs and first-time drug offenses are eligible to be expunged.


Who Can Lookup your Criminal Background?

The military, government agencies, schools, adoption agencies, licensing departments, gun dealers, and private citizens can all look up your criminal history report quickly and easily. They don’t even need a reason to do so. You can also get a copy of your criminal background quickly using state resources or a third-party online search portal.


Why Check Someone’s Filed Criminal Charges?

The reasons why someone would want to look up your criminal history are endless. Before you join the military or sign up for school, these places check your background. Property owners need to be careful when renting to new tenants and often will check your criminal history before allowing you to sign a lease.


Types of Criminal Records

Most criminal records will show warrants, arrests, charges, sentencing, dispositions, sex offenses, felonies, misdemeanors, incarcerations, court details and everything else about your criminal history. The report will most likely also have general information like name, phone, address, gender, race, age, height, weight, and physical descriptions. You might even see mug shots and fingerprints too.


How Are HI Criminal Records Created?

Hawaii criminal records are created whenever you are arrested, searched, detained, put in jail, sent to prison, sentence, show up to your hearing, appear in court and any other event that pertains to your crime. These documents make up your criminal history and are what someone will see when they do a background check on you.