South Carolina Criminal Records Search

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How to Check for South Carolina Criminal Records

The South Carolina Law Enforcement Division has set up a website for the public called SLED CATCH where people can search for and review someone’s criminal history. Each search costs $25. Only exact matches will yield any results. You can also download a form and request copies through the mail. This system allows a name search only, no fingerprints. You can search the sex offender registry area for free. SLED offers a discount for charitable organizations, and each request costs only $8.

South Carolina criminal records online

Federal Records vs. Court Criminal Records in South Carolina

The court system in South Carolina allows you to access federal court documents for criminal cases in person only. You must visit the court clerk’s office and request copies. You will have to pay a $31 search fee and wait while they process your order. You can also use the Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER) system to find federal court records for criminal cases. For district court cases, you can visit them in person as well or use an online search portal system to see someone’s criminal court documents.


How Long do Felony or Misdemeanor Charges Last?

South Carolina law makes it very easy for first-time offenders to have their records expunged. With misdemeanors, you have to wait three or five years (depending on the crime) to request to have your record expunged. You cannot have traffic violations, hunting or fishing crimes and most violent crimes expunged along with many felonies as well. When applying, you must comply with a whole list of requirements. If you do not request expungement, your criminal records will stay on file forever.


Who Can Lookup your Criminal Background?

Anyone with access to a computer can find and review your criminal background in South Carolina. Court records are publicly accessible, and South Carolina’s SLED system makes it easy for someone to search for yours. Landlords, schools, adoption agencies, and government agencies might want copies as well.


Why Check Someone’s Filed Criminal Charges?

Why would someone check to see if you have any criminal charges? Plenty of reasons like before hiring you for a job, renting property to you or buying something from you. The Internet affords the general public access to lots of information to help keep people safe and sound. If you engage in online dating, someone might want to check you out before meeting in person.


Types of Criminal Records

There are various types of records you can see when you pull someone’s South Carolina criminal record. Generally, you will see demographic information like name, address, age, gender, race, height, weight, and physical description. After that, you might get to see mug shots and fingerprints. You will also see charges, arrests, and warrants, convictions, sentencing, and incarcerations, along with any sex offenses, felonies, and misdemeanors.


How Are SC Criminal Records Created?

South Carolina law enforcement agents create criminal records every time they record an event surrounding a crime. It starts with the person’s RAP sheet and then every other form, document and report is collected into someone’s criminal record.