Utah Criminal Records Search

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How to Check for Utah Criminal Records

Utah’s Department of Public Safety Bureau of Criminal Identification has a website where you can request a copy of your criminal background report or your nationwide FBI background check. They also offer resources for applying to get juvenile or adult criminal records expunged. You can request criminal checks in person or through the mail, and you must pay a fee of $15 either way. You can also use online search portals to find someone’s criminal history pretty fast and efficiently.

Utah criminal records online

Federal Records vs. Court Criminal Records in Utah

Utah’s courthouses have terminals where you can search for court cases and documents. You can search online through their website for local, appellate and other criminal court cases but only archived results will have federal cases. To search and find federal court documents you will want to use the Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER) system. You can also visit in person for both district and federal cases, or you can use a third-party online system to search.


How Long do Felony or Misdemeanor Charges Last?

If you were arrested but not convicted, you have to wait 30 days before requesting your record be expunged. You must also be clear of any further charges, and you can’t have any pending convictions. You can ask that convictions be expunged but only after the waiting period (7 years for misdemeanors and 10 for felonies). There is also a long list of other requirements, and some severe misdemeanors and felonies can never be removed from your criminal record. Sex offenses will remain forever.


Who Can Lookup your Criminal Background?

Schools, gun dealers, the military, and government agencies are the most common people who will want to look up your criminal background. The general public also has the legal right to view your criminal charges and history, and they don’t need a specific reason to do so.


Why Check Someone’s Filed Criminal Charges?

There are many reasons why someone might check your criminal history. Companies sometimes use them for security clearances. Also when renting property to total strangers, a criminal check can help weed out possible mismatches. Online dating and buying stuff online are other reasons why someone might want to look into your criminal past.


Types of Criminal Records

A person’s criminal records will show all the crimes they have committed. They will also show minor things like driving infractions and DUIs. Criminal records show court documents and how the person fared in court and if they ended up in jail or other penalizing programs as punishment. You can also see mug shots, fingerprints, and other demographic data.


How Are UT Criminal Records Created?

Criminal records in Utah are created every step of the way through the justice system. When someone is arrested, a RAP sheet is typed up. This begins the paper trail that follows someone through the system. Every document, form, and report that is filled out gets added to the file.