Alva, OK Charles E. "Bill" Johnson Correctional Center View

Charles E. Johnson Correctional Center (also known as the Bill Johnson Correctional Center, or BJCC) is an Oklahoma Department of Corrections state prison for men located in Alva, Woods County, Oklahoma.[3] BJCC is the newest of the Oklahoma DOC's 17 institutions, opened in 1995, and expanded in 2011–2012.[4] The center is a dedicated substance abuse/cognitive behavior program facility for felony drug offenders 18–23 years old and first time nonviolent offenders. Judges can place inmates into the program, which rewards the inmate with a deferred sentence upon completion. After inmates complete the delayed sentencing program a judge can commute the remainder of their recommended sentences to parole.[citation needed].

Charles E. "Bill" Johnson Correctional Center Contact Details

Address: 1856 E. Flynn Street, Woods, OK
City: Alva
Zip: 73717
Phone 1: 580-327-8000
Type: State Prison