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Lakeview Shock Incarceration Correctional Facility is a minimum security level facility for males and females. The facility provides special treatment for non-violent offenders. The mission of New York State Corrections and Community Supervision is “to improve public safety by providing a continuity of appropriate treatment services in safe and secure facilities where inmates’ needs are addressed and they are prepared for release, followed by supportive services for all parolees under community supervision to facilitate a successful completion of their sentence”. In July 1987, New York State established the Shock Incarceration Program through legislation, which mandated that the Department of Corrections and Community Services (DOCCS) create a six-month program that would prepare young, non-violent inmates for early release consideration. Lakeview Shock Incarceration Correctional Facility is like a boot camp or military style that intended to shock an offender into changing poor behavioral patterns. Lakeview Shock Incarcerated Correction Facility offer several programs to give inmates the tools to maintain a healthy and sober lifestyle once released on parole. Staff conducts one mandated program, the Alcohol Substance Abuse Treatment/Network program (ASAT), and held one-day per week and one evening per week with each platoon; and every other week the ASAT Network also facilitates a confrontation group. Documentation showed that community meetings are at least weekly. In addition, Network staff conducts one Network class per week with each platoon. Information reviewed indicates that community meetings are observed daily. According to information reviewed, in all, inmates receive over 570 hours of ASAT/Network programming while they participate in the Shock Incarceration Program. Lakeview Shock Academic Education program includes 12 hours of weekly academic study where every student spends two three-hour modules once a week and three-hour evening classes twice a week. InPREA Audit Report Page 8 of 110 Lakeview Shock Incarceration C.F. mates are able to obtain their General Education Diploma (GED) through the education program. The Vocational Education Program at Lakeview Shock Incarceration Correctional Facility consists of trade shops. Vocational programs are provided in two modules four days a week (three hours each module) and two nights per week (three hours each night) or two modules five days a week (Three hours each module). Each shop has a capacity of 19-20 inmates to attend each of the modules. Lakeview offers seven vocational programs including: Custodial Maintenance, Computer Operator/Digital Literacy & MOS Certification, Building Maintenance, Floor Covering, Horticulture, Painting & decorating, and Upholstery..

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Family and friends can send money to inmates at Lakeview Shock Incarceration Correctional Facility through approved methods to help them purchase essential items from the commissary.