Taylorsville, NC Alexander Juvenile Detention Center View

Six juvenile detention centers are operational across North Carolina; additionally, the Juvenile Justice section monitors and supports two county-operated juvenile detention centers. Juvenile detention centers are secure, temporary facilities where a juvenile will stay while waiting to go to court or until a placement can be arranged. Juveniles are placed in detention by court order pending hearing, disposition or placement. Prior to adjudication, statute requires that the court review the need for continued secure custody so juveniles have frequent court appearances where alternatives to detention are considered. Youths are typically housed in a detention center closest to their home county. The centers receive admissions through assigned regions or catchment areas..

Alexander Juvenile Detention Center Contact Details

Address: 928 NC Highway 16 S., Alexander, NC
City: Taylorsville
Zip: 28681
Phone 1: 828-632-1141
Type: State Juvenile Detention Center