De Queen, AR Sevier County Jail & Sheriff View

The Sevier County Sheriff’s Office seeks to protect the lives and property of the citizens and visitors of Sevier County by providing the finest law enforcement and correctional services. The accomplishment of this goal is ensured through rigid adherence to the following standards: Strict, objective, and consistent enforcement of the laws of the United States, Tennessee and Sevier County are a primary responsibility of the Sheriff’s Office. The law is to be enforced diligently, but with compassion, recognizing the inherent right of all persons to be treated with respect. The dignity of a citizen will never be infringed upon. The Sheriff’s Office is an extension of the community and exists for the protection of the citizens of Sevier County. The highest standards of public service will be maintained at all times and the staff will at all times work to protect and promote the public interest. Exemplary standards of personal conduct will be demonstrated by all employees, as law enforcement officers are held to a higher standard of conduct. The Sevier County Sheriff’s Office employees will take an active role in raising the image of law enforcement in all contacts with the public.

Sevier County Jail & Sheriff Contact Details

Address: 137 W. Robinson Road, Sevier, AR
City: De Queen
Zip: 71832
Phone 1: 870-642-2125
Type: County Jail