Ohio Child Support

How to Apply for Child Support in Ohio

Anyone can request child support by filling out the proper application and submitting it to their local Child Support Enforcement Agency. The first step in this process is gathering all of the required documents and completing all forms with your application. Parents will need an ID, the child’s birth certificate and the child’s social security card. Next, they will need to complete a Noncustodial Parent Questionnaire and application. These forms can be found online or at your local child support office. Once all paperwork has been obtained by the agency, a caseworker will be assigned to your specific case. They will reach out to you with additional details about proceeding with your case
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How Much is Child Support in Ohio?

Support obligations in Ohio are calculated based on a specific formula that combines the father and mother’s respective gross incomes. This total amount is then compared to a chart, and an obligation amount is established.

How to Claim and Pay Child Support

Many non-custodial parents have their support payments withheld from their income. Ohio law requires employers to withhold this amount from the parents. In other circumstances, the parent should pay directly to the Child Support Payment Central online, by phone, by mail, by MoneyGram or in person. Parents can receive payments either through direct deposit to their bank account or onto an Ohio e-QuickPay Debit MasterCard.

Child Support Performance Stats for Ohio

In 2013, about eight percent of all past-due child support was collected in Ohio. Nearly 33 percent of families in the state are not receiving their rightfully owed payments.

Statistics for Regular On-Time Payments Collection

Other Incentive Performance Measures

Performance Measures 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
Statewide Paternity Establishment (%) 94.01 90.37 94.85 90.74 93.46
IV-D Paternity Establishment (%) N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Support Order Establishment (%) 85.15 86.99 88.34 89.45 90.07
Cost-Effectiveness ($) 7.31 7.45 7.34 6.31 8.25

Total Number of Children in the Child Support Program

Total Distributed Collections and Total Administrative Expenditures ($ Millions)

2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
Total Distributed Collections ($) 1697.14 1704.23 1680.82 1662.24 1651.45
Total Distributed to Families ($) 1622.29 1640.5 1619.22 1601.37 1589.26
Total Administrative Expenditures ($) 237.62 234.29 234.62 269.84 205.08

Average Collections per Case with Collections

Can Child Support Be Paid Off Early?

Yes, support can be paid off early, but it’s crucial that parents speak with a representative from the child support office to confirm such a payment plan. Most parents pay through income withholding, so arrangements will need to be made to ensure the income withholding doesn’t continue past a certain point.

What Will Happen If You Fall Behind on Child Support Payments in Ohio?

  • Withholding winnings, trust funds or lump-sum payments
  • Tax Offset
  • Credit reporting
  • Professional license suspension
  • Criminal contempt of court charges

Can You Get Alimony and Support at the Same Time?

Yes. It is possible for parents with primary custody to be granted both alimony and support by Ohio courts during a divorce.

How to Terminate Child Support in Ohio?

Yes, it is possible to terminate a support order, but you should never stop payments unless the court has approved termination of your current order.

Ohio Child Support Calculator

Child Support and Taxes

Having children does have an impact on your taxes, but support payments, in general, will be considered tax-neutral. The main way in which children impact a parent’s taxes is through the tax credit a parent receives for claiming the child as a dependent. Only one parent can claim this exemption when they don’t reside together.

Can Child Support Payments Be Claimed on Taxes in Ohio?

No, nothing can be deducted for making court-ordered payments.

How Does My Child Support Affect My Taxes in Ohio?

Generally, the custodial parent will receive the right to claim the child as a dependent in Ohio because it is assumed they provided more than half of the child’s support. Payments are not taxable income, so they don’t need to be reported by the receiving parent.

Can Child Support Be Taken Pre-Tax?

No, the support payments are typically paid through income withholding. This occurs after income tax has already been levied on the money.

 Is child support pre-tax in Ohio?

Ohio participates in the tax offset program. This enforcement method allows the state to intercept and take any federal or state tax refunds to satisfy past-due child support debts.

Paternity Establishment

Paternity establishment is the administrative or court determines that a man is the legal father of a child. Paternity comes with social, emotional, legal and economic rights and responsibilities as part of the ongoing relationship. This important establishment is necessary before the support order can be established by the court.

How Do You Establish Paternity in Ohio?

Fathers can sign an “Acknowledgement of Paternity Affidavit” to voluntarily establish paternity. A court order can also be issued after genetic testing confirms the probability of parentage.

What Rights Does a Father Have If Not On Birth Certificate in OH?

A father who is not on the child’s birth certificate has no legal rights to the child.

Can a Mother Refuse Me a Paternity Test?

No. Either parent can ask Ohio’s Child Support Enforcement Agency to conduct genetic testing that would confirm or deny paternity.

How to Establish Paternity If The Father Is Deceased?

Parents can request information about how to establish paternity when one parent has passed away from their local Child Support Enforcement Agency. It may be possible to ask family members to provide DNA samples to help confirm parentage.

Can a Father Get a Paternity Test Without the Mother?

No. Court accepted genetic tests usually require samples from the father, mother, and child. Both parents will have to cooperate with a court ordered genetic test to confirm paternity.

How Long Does a Father Have to Establish Paternity in Ohio?

Fathers may sign an Affidavit of Paternity (AOP) either at the hospital or by appointment at the local health department. The mother of the child must also sign the AOP. The AOP must be signed by the child turns 21 in Ohio.

Support Order Establishment

Once paternity is established, one or both of the child’s parents will be ordered to pay support to the person with whom the child lives with. In some circumstances, the Child Support Enforcement Agency can establish order without going to court, but Ohio courts primarily establish child support orders in the state.

State Child Support Orders

Ohio courts or the Child Support Enforcement Agency will utilize state guidelines to calculate a reasonable amount of support the child will need. Once established, this order is mandatory. Paying parents should comply, or they will face a multitude of enforcement measures.

Can the Child Support be Modified in OH?

Yes. Either parent can request a change in a current support order. Changes must go through and be approved by a court to be valid.

Orders can be reviewed every 36 months from the date of establishment or last review. Other orders can be reviewed when there has been a significant change in either the child’s or parent’s needs, income or custody arrangement.

How to File for Child Support Modification in OH?

Parents can file for a modification of orders by completing the form “Request for an Administrative Review of the Child Support Order,” and returning the completed application to their local Child Support Enforcement Agency.

Can a Support Order Be Appealed?

Yes. If you disagree with an administrative hearing decision, then you have the right to appeal the decision to a higher court.

Do You Need a Lawyer to Modify the Support in OH?

No. Parents are not required to hire legal representation to modify support orders.

Child Support Enforcement

How Long Does the Support Enforcement Take?

Enforcement actions can take several weeks to begin after the court order is established. 

What to Do When the Ohio child support Is Not Paid?

File a request for enforcement action with the courts.

What Happens If I’m Not Paying the Ohio Child Support?

If parents begin to fall behind, then enforcement measures will be put into place such as wage garnishments and revocation of drivers’ licenses.

How Much Overdue Child Support Payment Can Be Considered a Felony?

Federal law states that criminal misdemeanor charges can be placed on a parent who willfully fails to pay support for at least a year or over $5,000.It’s considered a felony to evade payments for two years and over $10,000.

Can the  Support Debt be Forgiven?

The support debt can be paid on a payment plan, but the debt is very rarely forgiven by Ohio courts.

Support Order Termination

How Do I Stop a Child Support Order?

When there is reason to terminate a support order, parents must notify the Child Support Enforcement Agency. The agency will begin an investigation to whether termination is appropriate.

When Can I Apply for Child Support Termination?

Parents can terminate orders when the child reaches 18 and has graduated from high school, has had a change in legal custody, gets deported, enlists in the military, becomes emancipated, gets married or passes away.

Can the Custodial Parent Close a Support Case?

Yes, custodial parents can request to close a support case at any time. 

When Can I Stop Paying the Support?

When the child turns 18 and has graduated high school, is emancipated, joins the military, is deported, gets married or passes away.

18 is the age of majority in Ohio.

Ohio Hearing Rights

Ohio codes allow parents to request a hearing when a child support application has been denied, the oblige believes payments haven’t been distributed correctly, the oblige disagrees with the results of a support order termination or when the custodial parent disagrees with an agency’s decision to close a case. Non-custodial parents can seek a hearing when services for establishing paternity have been denied, a modification review has been refused or the obligor disagrees with an order’s termination.

Ohio Child Support Laws and Guidelines

Ohio’s guidelines are utilized by all courtrooms when deciding on an obligation amount. The guidelines include a mathematical formula that takes into account both parent’s combined income.

OH Child Support Coverage

What Is Child Support Meant to Cover?

Support is meant to cover a portion of the living expenses of the child. This includes necessities like shelter, food, clothing, basic educational supplies and health care.

Does the Support Cover Medical Care Expenses?

Yes, major medical insurance coverage is factored into the charted child support obligation set by the courts.

What if Both Parents are working, will the Support Cover child care services?

Yes. Ohio child support laws allow work or educational-related childcare services to be factored into the overall support amount.

Are Car Maintenance Costs Covered by the Support?

No. In most cases, the custodial parent is expected to take on the costs of everyday car maintenance.

What is Considered Basic Entertainment for the Support?

Ohio courts recognize that children need entertainment and stimulation, so basic entertainment may include activities like TV programs, games, movies or access to the internet.

Are School and College expenses Covered by the Support in Ohio?

No. The court’s jurisdiction to order support orders ends when the child turns 18-years-old. Unless the parents have a prior binding agreement, the courts can’t enforce one party to pay college-related expenses.

Basic educational costs are expected to be split between both parents, so payments can be used to cover these expenses.

Are Extracurricular Activities covered by Support?

Courts may consider extracurricular activities when calculating payments, but in most cases, these expenses are considered discretionary and won’t be included in the overall support amount.

Ohio Child Support Offices

Institution name Physical address Email address Phone number Website
Office of Child Support - Ohio Department of Job and Family Services 30 E. Broad Street 32nd Floor, Columbus, OH cuycsea@odjfs.state.oh.us (614) 752-6561 http://jfs.ohio.gov/ocs/

County Child Support Offices in OH

County name Institution name Physical address Email address Phone number Website
Adams County Adams County, OH Child Support and Enforcement Agency 482 Rice Drive, P.O. Box 386, West Union, OH 45693 ADAMS_COUNTY_CHILD_SUPPORT@jfs.ohio.gov 1(937) 544-5155 https://adamscountyoh.gov/Child-Support-and-Enforcement-Agency-CSEA.asp
Allen County Allen County, OH Child Support Enforcement Agency 200 W. Market Street, P.O. Box 1589, Lima, OH 45802 cicc_allen@jfs.ohio.gov 1(419) 224-7133 https://www.allencountyohio.com/child-support/
Ashland County Ashland County, OH Child Support Enforcement Agency 15 W. Fourth St., Ashland, OH 44805 N/A 1(419) 282-5000 http://www.ashlandjfs.org/child-support
Ashtabula County Ashtabula County, OH Child Support Enforcement Agency 2924 Donahoe Drive, Ashtabula, OH 44004 N/A 1(440) 994-1212 https://www.co.ashtabula.oh.us/350/Child-Support
Athens County Athens County, OH Child Support Enforcement Agency 13183 St. Rte. 13, Millfield, OH 45761 athenscsea@jfs.ohio.gov 1(740) 593-5046 http://www.jfs.athensoh.org/county_services/child_support/index.php
Auglaize County Auglaize County, OH Child Support Enforcement Agency 12 North Wood Street, Wapakoneta, Ohio 45895 N/A 1(419) 739-6510 http://www2.auglaizecounty.org/resources/child-support
Belmont County Belmont County, OH Child Support Enforcement Agency 68145 Hammond Road, St. Clairsville, OH 43950 N/A 1(740) 695-1074 http://jfs.ohio.gov/ocs/
Brown County Brown County, OH Child Support Enforcement Agency 740 Mt. Orab Pike, Suite 1, Georgetown, OH 45121 N/A 1(937) 378-6414 http://www.browncountyohio.gov/index.php/child-support
Butler County Butler County, OH Child Support Enforcement Agency 315 High St., 7th Fl., Hamilton, OH 45011 N/A 1(513) 887-3362 http://www.butlercountycsea.org/
Carroll County Carroll County, OH Child Support Enforcement Agency 55 East Main Street, Carrollton, Ohio 44615 N/A 1(330) 627-5357 http://carrollcountyohio.us/agencies-and-departments/child-support-enforcement/
Champaign County Champaign County, OH Child Support Enforcement Agency 1512 S. US Hwy. 68, Ste. N100, Urbana, OH 43078 N/A 1(937) 484-1500 http://www.champaigndjfs.org/cs.html
Clark County Clark County, OH Child Support Enforcement Agency 1345 Lagonda Ave., Springfield, OH 45503 N/A 1(937) 327-1700, https://clarkdjfs.org/188/Child-Support-Enforcement-Agency
Clermont County Clermont County, OH Child Support Office 2400 Clermont Center Drive, Ste. 107, Batavia, Ohio 45103 ClermontSupportsKids@jfs.ohio.gov 1(513) 732-7248 http://www.clermontsupportskids.org/
Clinton County Clinton County, OH Child Support Enforcement Agency 1025 S. South St., Ste. 400, Wilmington, OH 45177 CLINTON_COUNTY_CSEA@jfs.ohio.gov 1(937) 382-5726 https://co.clinton.oh.us/healthservices/child-support-enforcement-agency/
Columbiana County Columbiana County, OH Child Support Enforcement Agency 7989 Dickey Dr., Ste. 2, Lisbon, OH 44432 Columbiana_Child_Support@jfs.ohio.gov 1(330) 424-7781 https://www.columbianacountyjfs.org/job-family-services-child-support.aspx
Coshocton County Coshocton County, OH Child Support Enforcement Agency 725 Pine St., Coshocton, OH 43812 N/A 1(740) 295-7561 http://coshoctonjfs.org/childsupport.php
Crawford County Crawford County, OH Child Support Enforcement Agency 225 East Mary Street , Bucyrus OH 44820 N/A 1(419) 562-0773 http://www.crawfordcountyjfs.org/child-support-services
Cuyahoga County Cuyahoga County, OH Office of Child Support Services 1640 Superior Ave., Cleveland, OH 44114 cuycsea@odjfs.state.oh.us 1(216) 443-5100 https://cjfs.cuyahogacounty.us/en-US/child-support.aspx
Darke County Darke County, OH Child Support Enforcement Agency 631 Wagner Ave., Greenville, OH 45331 N/A 1(937) 548-4132 http://jfs.ohio.gov/ocs/
Defiance County Defiance County, OH Child Support Enforcement Agency 1300 E. Second St., Ste. 204, Defiance, OH 43512 defcsea@jfs.ohio.gov 1(419) 784-2123 http://defiance-county.com/child-support-enforcement-agency/index.php
Delaware County Delaware County, OH Child Support Enforcement Agency 140 N. Sandusky Street,, 3rd Floor, Delaware, Ohio 43015 N/A 1(740) 833-2720 https://childsupport.co.delaware.oh.us/
Erie County Erie County, OH Child Support Enforcement Agency 221 W. Parish St., Sandusky, OH 44870 N/A 1(419) 626-6781 https://www.eriecounty.oh.gov/ChildSupport.aspx
Fairfield County Fairfield County, OH Child Support Enforcement Agency 239 West Main Street, Lancaster, OH 43130 N/A (740) 652-7888 https://www.fcjfs.org/
Fayette County Fayette County, OH Child Support Enforcement Agency 133 S. Main St., Washington Court House, OH 43160 N/A 1(740) 335-0745 http://www.fayette-co-oh.com/departments/jobs_and_family_services.php
Franklin County Franklin County, OH Child Support Enforcement Agency 80 East Fulton Street, Columbus, OH 43215 N/A 1(614) 525-3275 https://support.franklincountyohio.gov/
Fulton County Fulton County, OH Child Support Enforcement Agency 604 S. Shoop Ave., Suite 200, Wauseon, OH 43567 N/A 1(419) 337-0010 http://www.fultoncountyoh.com/1236/Child-Support-Enforcement-Agency
Gallia County Gallia County, OH Child Support Enforcement Agency 848 Third Ave., Gallipolis, OH 45631 N/A 1(740) 446-3222 http://gallianet.net/index.php/gallia-county/department-of-job-family-services/child-support/default#
Geauga County Geauga County, OH Child Support Enforcement Agency 12480 Ravenwood Dr., P.O. Box 309, Chardon, OH 44024 N/A 1(440) 285-9141 http://geaugajfs.org/CSEA/Child%20Support.html
Greene County Greene County, OH Child Support Enforcement Agency 541 Ledbetter Rd., Xenia, OH 45385 N/A 1(937) 562-6200 https://www.co.greene.oh.us/281/Child-Support-Enforcement-Agency-CSEA
Guernsey County Guernsey County, OH Child Support Enforcement Agency 324 Highland Avenue Cambridge, OH 43725 N/A 1(740) 432-2381 http://www.guernseycountyjfs.org/ChildSupportEnforcementAgency.aspx
Hamilton County Hamilton County, OH Child Support Enforcement Agency 222 E. Central Pkwy., Cincinnati, OH 45202 Hamil_CSEAEmployerInquiries@jfs.hamilton-co.org 1(513) 946-7387 https://www.hcjfs.org/services/child-support/
Hancock County Hancock County, OH Child Support Enforcement Agency 7814 Cty. Rd. 140, P.O. Box 270, Findlay, OH 45839 N/A 1(419) 424-1365 https://www.hcjfs.org/services/child-support/
Hardin County Hardin County, OH Child Support Enforcement Agency 175 W. Franklin St., Ste. 220, Kenton, OH 43326 N/A 1(419) 674-2269 http://jfs.ohio.gov/ocs/
Harrison County Harrison County, OH Child Support Enforcement Agency 538 N Main Street , PO Box 273, Cadiz, Ohio 43907 N/A 1(740) 942-2900 http://www.harrisoncountyohio.org/child-support-enforcement-agency
Henry County Henry County, OH Child Support Enforcement Agency 1809 Oakwood Ave., P.O. Box 190, Napoleon, OH 43545 N/A 1(419) 592-4633 http://www.henrycountyohio.com/childsupport.htm
Highland County Highland County, OH Child Support Enforcement Agency 1575 North High Street, Suite 100, Hillsboro, OH 45133 N/A 1(937) 393-4278 http://co.highland.oh.us/job-family-services/
Hocking County Hocking County, OH Child Support Enforcement Agency 350 State Route 664N, Logan, OH 43138 N/A 1(740) 772-7515 http://jfs.ohio.gov/ocs/
Holmes County Holmes County, OH Child Support Enforcement Agency 85 N. Grant St., P.O. Box 72, Millersburg, OH 44654 N/A 1(330) 674-1111 http://www.holmescountydjfs.com/main-menu-services-section/child-support
Huron County Huron County, OH Child Support Enforcement Agency 185 Shady Lane Dr., Norwalk, OH 44857 Lenora.Minor@jfs.onio.gov 1(419) 668-9152 https://www.huroncountydjfs.com/copy-of-adoption
Jackson County Jackson County, OH Child Support Enforcement Agency 25 E. South Street, P. O. Box 1006, Jackson, OH 45640 JCDJFS@gmail.com 1(740) 286-4181 http://www.jacksoncountyjfs.com/support
Jefferson County Jefferson County, OH Child Support Enforcement Agency 125 S. Fifth St., Steubenville, OH 43952 N/A 1(740) 282-0961 http://www.jcdjfs.com/childsupport.aspx
Knox County Knox County, OH Child Support Services 117 East High Street, 3rd & 4th Floors, Mount Vernon, OH 43050 N/A 1(740) 397-7177 ext. 3029 http://www.co.knox.oh.us/jfs/index.php/child-support
Lake County Lake County, OH Child Support Enforcement Agency 177 Main St., Painesville, OH 44077 N/A 1(440) 350-4000 https://www.lakecountyohio.gov/lcojfs/Child-Support
Lawrence County Lawrence County, OH Child Support Enforcement Agency 1100 South 7th Street, Ironton Ohio 45638 N/A 1(740) 533-4338 http://www.lawrencecountydjfs.com/child-support.htm
Licking County Licking County, OH Child Support Enforcement Agency 65 E. Main St., Newark, OH, 43055 N/A 1(740) 670-5998 https://www.lcounty.com/depts/csea/default.htm
Logan County Logan County, OH Child Support Enforcement Agency 211 E. Columbus Ave., Bellefontaine, OH 43311 N/A 1(937) 599-5165 https://www.co.logan.oh.us/170/Child-Support-Enforcement
Lorain County Lorain County, OH Child Support Enforcement Agency 42485 N. Ridge Rd., Elyria, OH 44035 Michael.Schmittgen@jfs.ohio.gov 1(440) 284-4401 http://www.lcdjfs.com/child-support
Lucas County Lucas County, OH Child Support Enforcement Agency 701 Adams St.,Toledo, OH 43604 N/A 1(419) 213-3001 http://co.lucas.oh.us/633/Child-Support-Enforcement-Agency
Madison County Madison County, OH Child Support Enforcement Agency 200 Midway Street, London, Ohio 43140 N/A 1(740) 852-4770 http://co.madison.oh.us/djfs/Child_Support.html
Mahoning County Mahoning County, OH Child Support Enforcement Agency Oak Hill Renaissance Place, 345 Oakhill Avenue, Entrance D, Youngstown, OH 44502 N/A 1(330) 740-2073 http://www.mahoningcountyoh.gov/483/Child-Support-Enforcement-Division
Marion County Marion County, OH Child Support Enforcement Agency 363 W Fairground St, Marion, OH 43302 N/A 1(740) 387-6688 http://www.mcjfs.com/child-support/
Medina County Medina County, OH Child Support Enforcement Agency 232 Northland Drive, P.O. Box 1389, Medina, OH 44258 medina_child_support_01@jfs.ohio.gov 1(330) 722-9398 http://www.mcjfs.us/child-support/
Meigs County Meigs County, OH Child Support Enforcement Agency 175 Race Street, P.O. Box 191, Middleport, OH 45760 N/A 1(740) 992-2117 http://www.meigsdjfs.net/childsupport.htm
Mercer County Mercer County, OH Child Support Enforcement Agency 220 W. Livingston St., Ste. B181, P.O. Box 649, Celina, OH 45822 N/A 1(419) 586-7961 http://jfs.ohio.gov/ocs/
Miami County Miami County, OH Child Support Enforcement Agency 2040 N. County Road 25A, Troy, OH 45373 N/A 1(937) 440-3470, http://www.co.miami.oh.us/index.aspx?NID=159
Monroe County Monroe County, OH Child Support Enforcement Agency 100 Home Ave. Woodsfield, OH 43793 N/A 1(740) 472-1602 http://www.monroecountyohio.com/departments/job_and_family_services/child_support.php
Montgomery County Montgomery County, OH Child Support Enforcement Agency The Job Center, 1111 S. Edwin C. Moses Blvd., Dayton, OH 45422 MCSEA@jfs.ohio.gov 1(937) 225-4600 http://www.mcohio.org/departments/child_support_enforcement_agency/contact_us_directions.php
Morgan County Morgan County, OH Child Support Enforcement Agency 155 E. Main St., Rm. 009, McConnelsville, OH 43756 N/A 1(740) 962-3000 http://jfs.ohio.gov/ocs/
Morrow County Morrow County, OH Child Support Enforcement Agency 619 West Marion Road, Mt. Gilead, Ohio 43338 N/A 1(419) 947-9111 http://jfs.morrowcountyohio.gov/index.php/2012-11-20-02-38-33
Muskingum County Muskingum County, OH Child Support Enforcement Agency 1830 E. Pike, Zanesville, OH 43701 N/A 1(740) 455-7146 https://www.muskingumcountyjfs.com/Child-Support/
Noble County Noble County, OH Child Support Enforcement Agency 46049 Marietta Road P.O. Box 250, Caldwell, OH 43724 N/A 1(740) 732-2392 http://www.ncdjfs.org/csea.html
Ottawa County Ottawa County, OH Child Support Enforcement Agency 8043 West State Route 163, Suite 200, Oak Harbor, OH 43449 N/A 1(419) 898-3688 http://ottawacountyjfs.org/home/child-support/
Paulding County Paulding County, OH Child Support Enforcement Agency 201 E. Caroline St., Ste. 1, Paulding, OH 45879 N/A 1(419) 399-8464 https://www.pauldingcountyoh.com/services/
Perry County Perry County, OH Child Support Enforcement Agency 212 South Main Street, New Lexington, OH 43764 N/A 1(740 )342-2278 https://www.perryjfs.org/children_support.html
Pickaway County Pickaway County, OH Child Support Enforcement Agency 110 Island Rd., PO Box 610, Circleville, OH 43113 N/A 1(740) 474-7588 http://www.pickawayjfs.org/child-support/index.html
Pike County Pike County, OH Child Support Enforcement Agency 230 Waverly Plaza, Ste. 700, Waverly, OH 45690 N/A 1(740) 947-2171 http://www.pikecojfs.org/child.html
Portage County Portage County, OH Child Support Enforcement Agency 209 S. Chestnut St., Ravenna, OH 44266 N/A 1(330) 297-3791 https://www.co.portage.oh.us/child-support-enforcement
Preble County Preble County, OH Child Support Enforcement Agency 1500 Park Avenue, Eaton, Ohio 45320 preblejfs@odjfs.state.oh.us 1(937) 456-6205 http://www.prebco.org/Preble_County_Commission_Child_Support_Enforcment.htm
Putnam County Putnam County, OH Child Support Enforcement Agency 575 Ottawa-Glandorf Road, Suite 1, Ottawa, Ohio 45875 N/A 1(419) 538-5586 http://www.putnamcountyohio.gov/CountyAgencies/ChildSupportEnforcement.aspx
Richland County Richland County, OH Child Support Enforcement Agency 161 Park Ave. E., P.O. Box 547, Mansfield, OH 44901 N/A 1(419) 774-5700 http://www.richlandcountyoh.us/index.php/departments/health-social-services/child-support-enforcement-agency
Ross County Ross County, OH Child Support Enforcement Agency 475 Western Ave Ste. B PO BOX 469, Chillicothe, OH 45601 N/A 1(740) 773-2651 http://jfs.ohio.gov/ocs/
Sandusky County Sandusky County, OH Child Support Enforcement Agency 2511 Countryside Drive, Suite A, Fremont, OH 43420 judi.simon@jfs.ohio.gov 1(419) 334-2909 http://sanduskycountydjfs.org/cmsms/index.php?page=csea
Scioto County Scioto County, OH Child Support Enforcement Agency 710 Court St., P.O. Box 1347, Portsmouth, OH 45662 N/A 1(740) 355-8909 http://jfs.ohio.gov/ocs/
Seneca County Seneca County, OH Child Support Enforcement Agency 900 E. Cty. Rd. 20, Tiffin, OH 44883 N/A 1(419) 447-5011 http://djfs.co.seneca.oh.us/child-support/
Shelby County Shelby County, OH Child Support Enforcement Agency 227 South Ohio Avenue, Sidney, OH 45365 N/A 1(937) 498-4981 http://shelbycountyjfs.org/shelby-county-ohio-job-family-child-support-services.php
Stark County Stark County, OH Child Support Enforcement Agency 122 Cleveland Ave. NW, P.O. Box 21337, Canton, OH 44701 N/A 1(330) 451-8930 https://www.starkjfs.org/child-support-enforcement
Summit County Summit County, OH Child Support Enforcement Agency 175 S. Main St., 5th Fl., Akron, OH 44308 N/A 1(330) 643-2765 https://co.summitoh.net/prosecutor/index.php/divisions/child-support-enforcement
Trumbull County Trumbull County, OH Child Support Enforcement Agency 159 East Market St., Suite 200, Warren, Ohio 44481 TRUMBULLCSEA@jfs.ohio.gov 1(330) 675-2732 http://csea.co.trumbull.oh.us/
Tuscarawas County Tuscarawas County, OH Child Support Enforcement Agency 154 2nd Street NE, New Phila., Ohio 44663 tusca_csea_custsvc@odjfs.state.oh.us 1(330) 343-0099 http://www.co.tuscarawas.oh.us/csea/
Union County Union County, OH Child Support Enforcement Agency 940 London Ave., Ste. 1800, P.O. Box 389, Marysville, OH 43040 N/A 1(937) 644-1010 https://www.co.union.oh.us/Child-Support/
Van Wert County Van Wert County, OH Child Support Enforcement Agency 114 E. Main St., P.O. Box 386, Van Wert, OH 45891 N/A 1(419) 238-9566 https://vanwertcounty.org/job-family-services/child-support-enforcement-agency/
Vinton County Vinton County, OH Child Support Enforcement Agency 30975 Industrial Park Dr., McArthur, OH 45651 N/A 1(740) 772-7515 http://jfs.ohio.gov/ocs/
Warren County Warren County, OH Child Support Enforcement Agency 500 Justice Drive, P.O. Box 440, Lebanon, Ohio 45036 WCCSEA@jfs.ohio.gov 1(513) 695-1580 http://www.co.warren.oh.us/wcchildsupport/
Washington County Washington County, OH Child Support Enforcement Agency 205 Putnam St., Fourth Floor, Marietta, OH 45750 kimberly.hinkle@jfs.ohio.gov 1(740) 373-9324 http://www.washingtongov.org/index.aspx?NID=109
Wayne County Wayne County, OH Child Support Enforcement Agency 428 W. Liberty St., Suite 11, Wooster, Ohio 44691 N/A 1(330) 287-5600 http://csea.wayneohio.org/
Williams County Williams County, OH Child Support Enforcement Agency 117 W. Butler St., Bryan, OH 43506 N/A 1(419) 636-6725 http://jfs.ohio.gov/ocs/
Wood County Wood County, OH Child Support Enforcement Agency 1940 E. Gypsy Lane Rd., P.O. Box 1028, Bowling Green, OH 43402 childsupport@co.wood.oh.us 1(419) 354-9270 http://childsupport.co.wood.oh.us/
Wyandot County Wyandot County, OH Child Support Enforcement Agency 120 E. Johnson Street, Upper Sandusky, OH 43351 N/A 1(419) 294-5122 http://jfs.ohio.gov/ocs/