State Farm, VA Powhatan Reception Center View

Powhatan Reception Center opened in 2008 and is located in State Farm Virginia. It houses approximately 450 inmates of mixed custody levels. As a reception and classification center, Powhatan Reception Center is responsible for performing the intake of inmates from local jails in the region. During intake fingerprints, photos, drug screening and a full criminal history of the offender is taken. Additionally, inmates are assessed mentally and physically. Based on all the information collected during intake the inmate will be given a custody classification and assigned to a more permanent facility conducive to their rehabilitation and security needs. Due to the small amount of time an offender is usually at Powhatan Reception Center, programs are limited.

Powhatan Reception Center Contact Details

Address: 3600 Woods Way, Powhatan, VA
City: State Farm
Zip: 23160
Phone 1: 804-598-4251
Type: State Prison