Greenville, VA Cold Springs Correctional Unit #10 View

Cold Springs Correctional Unit is located in Greenville Virginia. It is a minimum security prison, considered a level 1 low, that houses up to 250 male offenders. Almost all of the inmates at Cold Springs Correctional are employed either within the correctional institution working on the farm, or outside of the prison within the surrounding community. This prison operates a agribusiness and employs inmates raising/processing cattle, and in two hydroponic greenhouses that are large enough to provide year round vegetables for all of the inmates at Cold Springs Correctional. Additional jobs for offenders include working with the Department of Transportation clearing the highways and roads of debris and trash, and maintaining public parks, landfills and government buildings. Select offenders can also receive training and certification in fighting wildfires, and can participate in putting them out. An additional apprenticeship program in wastewater treatment provides on the job training and the ability to take the Wastewater treatment exam. Offenders in Cold Springs Correctional Unit 10 are housed in two open bay dormitories that are monitored by cameras. GED and adult education courses are provided to all offenders who desire an education during their incarceration. Inmates at Cold Springs Correctional are granted mental and medical health treatment as well. These services are provided by two full time nursing staff and a physician.

Cold Springs Correctional Unit #10 Contact Details

Address: 221 Spitler Circle, Augusta, VA
City: Greenville
Zip: 24440
Phone 1: 540-337-1818
Type: State Prison