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Sanpete County, UT jails hold prisoners after an arrest or people who have been transferred to the county from a detention center. Sanpete County holds 2 jails with a total of 18,640 inmates.These correctional facilities have private cells for extremely violent criminals or controversial suspects. Sanpete County jails are subject to health and medical restrictions and have to provide medical care to all its inmates.

Sanpete County Quick Facts

Sanpete County Population Total
Sanpete County Population Total: 29,409
Female Population, Rate & Count
Female Population, Rate & Count: 8,748
Male Population, Rate & Count
Male Population, Rate & Count: 9,892
Median Income
Median Income: $48,369
Arrest Rate
Arrest Rate: 2,929.6
Local Jail Rate
Local Jail Rate: 591.2
Local Jail Count
Local Jail Count (the average # of people in jail for one day): 111
Population Total Confined
Population Total Confined: 111
Pretrial Rate
Pretrial Rate: 85
Admit Rate
Admit Rate: 3,883
Admit Count
Admit Count: 729
Yearly Prisoner Count
Yearly Prisoner Count: 18,640

County Crimes by Type

Sanpete County is well known for its Property Crimes, it has a share of 44.3% of all the crimes committed in the county - 139 property crime cases. Robbery is the least trendy crime of the area with only 0.3% out of all the crimes in Sanpete County.

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The Timeline of the County Crime Trends

Sanpete County Jail Demographics

The county has 28,801 people confined with a jail population density of 12 prisoners per jail. When breaking down the population by gender, females are a minority compared to male prisoners, being 8,748 women and 9,892 men.

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County Jail Statistics

The county has an arrest rate of 2,930 and a local jail rate of 591 inmates per year and a pretrial rate of 85 pre trials per 100,000 residents aged from 15 to 64. The jail admit rate for the area equals 3,883 which is higher compared to the statistics of 2005 - 2,631 incarcerations a year.

Local Jail, Pretrial and Admit Rates

Sanpete County Incarceration Rates

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The Average Number of Incarcerations per Day

The average jail count for Sanpete is 111 incarcerations in a day. The numbers have increased during the last 10 years, when there were on average 24 imprisonments a day.

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