Varnville, SC Hampton County Detention Center View

The Detention Center is a primary resource for the local criminal justice system. It is used to address the need for detention at various points in the criminal justice process.The function of the Detention Center is to house sentenced and un-sentenced inmates.They serve multiple law enforcement agencies including local police, sheriff, state police, conservation officers, and federal authorities.The Detention Center also serve prosecutors, the courts, and probation and parole agencies.The Detention Center serves these entities by holding the individuals taken into custody.The Detention Center responds to many needs in the criminal justice system and serves as an integral role within that system.The needs are dynamic and influenced by the policies, practices, and philosophies of the various users of the Detention Center.Staff also helps with the rehabilitation of law offenders to become more productive individuals in society.

Hampton County Detention Center Contact Details

Address: 409 Cemetery Road, Hampton, SC
City: Varnville
Zip: 29944
Phone 1: 803-914-2222
Phone 2: 803-914-2222
Type: County Jail

How to Send Money to Hampton County Detention Center

Family and friends can send money to inmates at Hampton County Detention Center through approved methods to help them purchase essential items from the commissary.