Manning, SC Clarendon County SC Detention Center View

The mission of the Clarendon County Detention Center is to provide safe, humane and sanitary housing and care for persons lawfully arrested and incarcerated within the jurisdiction of Clarendon County or by outside agencies having the legal authority to arrest and detain; and to follow directions as issued through the courts. The facility has a rated capacity to house up to 152 detainees, but typically houses an average daily population between 55 to 80 male and female detainees age 17 years and older who are primarily pre-trial (awaiting trial) or serving sentences of less than 90 days through any criminal court, or up to 1 year through Family Court. Persons sentenced to more than 90 days through any criminal court are transferred to the SC Department of Corrections to serve out their sentences. The facility was renovated and expanded in 2005. CCDC is both a Direct and Indirect Supervision detention facility with minimum to maximum security housing consisting of celled and open dorm style units. The facility falls under the jurisdiction of the Clarendon County Administrator. It employs a staff of 35 certified correctional officers and two administrative staff. In addition to full-time employees.

Clarendon County SC Detention Center Contact Details

Address: 320 East Boyce Street, PO Box 730, Clarendon, SC
City: Manning
Zip: 29102
Phone 1: 803-435-0032
Phone 2: 803-435-8831
Type: County Jail