Cranston, RI Minimum Security View

The Minimum Security Facility is located in Cranston Rhode Island and houses up to 710 adult male inmates. All offenders at this facility are required to work unless they have a medically certified reason they cannot work. Many of the jobs are supportive positions within the institution, but the Minimum Security facility also allows select offenders to go on work release. The work release program allows offenders to work in the surrounding community in a job during the day and report back to the facility at the end of their shift. Work release plays a pivotal part in preparing the inmate for discharge as it not only gives a financial foundation to the offender, but helps to slowly re-acclimate the inmate to life on the outside.

Minimum Security Contact Details

Address: PO Box 8212, Providence, RI
City: Cranston
Zip: 2920
Phone 1: 401-462-2162
Type: State Prison