Cranston, RI Gloria McDonald Awaiting Trial and Medium Security Facility View

Gloria McDonald Correctional Facility is located in Cranston Rhode Island. It is a women's facility that houses 173 female inmates. Offenders at Gloria McDonald are classified as awaiting trial or as medium security inmates. Offenders who are awaiting trial are held in maximum security setting. The facility is comprised of four housing units and a segregation unit. Inmates at Gloria McDonald prison have access to adult basic education classes, GED and college courses as well as computer classes. Offenders can receive substance abuse treatment, domestic violence counseling, and counseling for women who are the victims of sexual violence abuse. Additional programs are offered to inmates including creative writing and creative arts workshops, parenting courses, and re-entry programming which prepares the inmate for their upcoming discharge.

Gloria McDonald Awaiting Trial and Medium Security Facility Contact Details

Address: P.O. Box 8312, Providence, RI
City: Cranston
Zip: 2920
Phone 1: 401-462-0787
Type: State Prison