Cadiz, OH Harrison County OH Jail View

The Harrison County Jail was originally a five day holding facility with a maximun of eight inmates, due to the State of Ohio's minimum jail standards. Years later the jail was changed from a five day holding facility to a twelve day holding facility. Being that the jail was only a five then twelve day holding facility this put a great burden on the county. After the specified time (five or twelve days) the jail would have to transport the prisoners to another county jail to be housed for the remainder of their sentence. The Harrison County Jail currently holds housing contracts with the Jefferson County and Carroll County Jails. The costs to house inmates in these facilities range from $45.00 to $55.00 a day per inmate. When a person is ordered to jail and has a sentence to serve, averaging from thirty to sixty days, this expense could get quite costly to the Sheriff's Office and the county.

Harrison County OH Jail Contact Details

Address: 114 Court Street, Harrison, OH
City: Cadiz
Zip: 43907
Phone 1: 740-942-2197
Type: County Jail