St. Gabriel, LA Elayn Hunt Correctional Center View

EHCC was opened in 1979. In January 2002, a prison cemetery opened at Hunt. Some state prisoners unclaimed by families are buried here. Before that month all unclaimed state prisoners were buried at Point Lookout Cemetery in the Louisiana State Penitentiary. Prior to 2010, Hunt served as the reception center only for male prisoners from southern parishes, while Forcht-Wade Correctional Center operated the reception center for male prisoners from northern parishes. In 2009 the state announced that Forcht-Wade would be redesignated as a substance abuse center. Hunt was designated to handle reception of males for all areas of the state. Hunt also expanded its nursing unit to accommodate prisoners from Forcht-Wade's nursing unit..

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How to Send Money to Elayn Hunt Correctional Center

Family and friends can send money to inmates at Elayn Hunt Correctional Center through approved methods to help them purchase essential items from the commissary.