Topeka, KS Kansas Juvenile Correctional Complex (KJCF) View

The Kansas Department of Corrections (KDOC)[1] is a state agency of Kansas, headquartered in Suite 300 of 714 S.W. Jackson St. in Topeka.[2] The former agency of the Juvenile Justice Authority (JJA), which began on July 1, 1997, was merged with the Kansas Department of Corrections by Governor Sam Brownback on July 1, 2013 to increase internal efficiencies and provide more secure operations. The KDOC operates the state's juvenile correctional facilities. In 1996, the Kansas Legislature had passed the Juvenile Justice Reform Act, stipulating that only the most chronic, serious, and violent juvenile delinquents are sent to secure juvenile correctional facilities..

Kansas Juvenile Correctional Complex (KJCF) Contact Details

Address: 1430 N.W. 25th St., Shawnee, KS
City: Topeka
Zip: 66618
Phone 1: 785-354-9800
Type: State Prison