Lansing, KS Correctional Facility (LCF) View

Lansing Correctional Facility (LCF) is a state prison operated by the Kansas Department of Corrections. LCF is located in Lansing, Kansas, in Leavenworth County. LCF, along with the Federal Bureau of Prison's United States Penitentiary, Leavenworth, the United States Army Corrections Command's United States Disciplinary Barracks, and Midwest Joint Regional Correctional Facility in Fort Leavenworth are the four major prisons that give the Leavenworth area its reputation as a corrections center..

Lansing Correctional Facility (LCF) Contact Details

Address: 301 E. Kansas Ave., Leavenworth, KS
City: Lansing
Zip: 66043
Phone 1: 913-727-3235
Type: State Prison