Jerseyville, IL Jersey County Jail View

Jersey County Jail is a correctional facility located in Jerseyville, Illinois. This inmate is currently located at Jersey County Jail in Jerseyville, Illinois. The address to this facility is: 201 West Pearl Street, Jerseyville, IL, 62052. The amount of time an inmate is required to serve on their sentences can be a little as one year or much as several years.To learn more about this correctional institution, please visit our Prison Locator Page. Jersey County Jail has its own rules and regulations which Inmates need to follow. All families need to check the rules with Jersey County Jail before planning a visit.

Jersey County Jail Contact Details

Address: 201 West Pearl Street, Jersey, IL
City: Jerseyville
Zip: 62052
Phone 1: 618-498-5571
Phone 2: 618-498-6881
Type: County Jail