Clarinda, IA Page County Jail View

The Sheriff is the principal peace officer of the county. Summons grand jurors and trial jurors. May call any person to his aid, and when necessary summons the power of the county. Serves subpoenas and other notices and levies on property when a judgment has been secured. Executes and returns all writs and other legal processes issued by lawful authority. Custodian of the county jail and is responsible for all prisoners committed to him until discharged by law. Transport individuals to locations as directed by court order. Click here for: Sheriff Office Job Application.

Page County Jail Contact Details

Address: 323 N 15th, Page, IA
City: Clarinda
Zip: 51632
Phone 1: 712-542-5193
Type: County Jail

How to Send Money to Page County Jail

Family and friends can send money to inmates at Page County Jail through approved methods to help them purchase essential items from the commissary.